Rally in Direct Defense to Save Our Post Offices: National Day of Action

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We petitioned. We wrote letters. We got the City Council and the Mayor to write letters. We rallied and marched. We got our state reps and Barbara Lee, our US Representative, to make entreaties.

The decision to sell the historic Berkeley Post Office was made in flagrant disregard to all such.

Then we appealed the decision. And We were brushed off as only a bureaucrat, secure in his perch far above the voice of the people, can:

“While I am sympathetic to the concerns raised by the concerned parties … I will not set aside the Postal Service’s April 19th decision to sell the post office.” USPS Vice President Tom A. Samra stated in a letter posted at the building.

Or, as your intrepid author tweeted in translation of this bureaucraticese:

So the Berkeley Post Office building will be sold.

Or will it?

We need everyone’s help to mount a defense that cannot be ignored.
Come for speakers, music, and birthday cake
in honor of the Post Office’s founding in July 1775
– – – and more action to keep it open! – – –
Saturday, July 27, 2013 1:00 p.m.
2000 Allston Way
on the Berkeley Post Office steps

Speakers (partial list)
Gray Brechin: “Too Big to Name?”
Hannah Appel (Strike Debt Bay Area, OWS): “You Are Not a Loan: Debt Resistance and the Post Office”
Norman Solomon: “Privatizing the Future: What’s at Stake and How to Stop It”

Music & Entertainment (partial list)
Occupella, Dave Welsh, and Mrs T. Bill Banks


Read our essay on this action, additional efforts to save the Berkeley Post Office, and the privatization of the Post Office and the rest of our Commons:

Killing the Post Office on the Altar of Privatization. Our Commons on the Auction Block.

Facebook event page.

This action is a joint effort of Save the Berkeley Post Office and Strike Debt Bay Area


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