GG Evicted at Gunpoint! Help Her Get Her House Back From US Bank!

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This morning, April 19, at around 9:00 a.m., Alameda County sheriff’s deputies arrived and got into GG’s house through the side door. A real estate agent, Phi Nguyen, accompanied the deputies.

GG was there, and so was her tenant (whom we believe has a right to be separately evicted and 90 days to comply). The deputies demanded that they both leave and when Gigi argued. one of them pulled a gun on her. GG and her tenant both left. The deputies eventually left, leaving at two security guards. A locksmith had either arrived with the deputies or showed up at some point and changed all the locks.

Video from the aftermath of this morning’s eviction:

About 15 people were able to come to show support, but were unable to get in. Although the sheriff told GG she has 15 days to remove her possessions, the realtor told her later she can only get back into the house if she comes with a truck.

This afternoon, about 30 people gathered to support GG at U.S. Bank in Oakland near Snow Park, but the cowardly banksters would not let GG or anyone else, including their other customers, in the door. More actions and phone blasts are planned for Monday.

Watch the Occupy Oakland Foreclodure Defense Group website for updates.

GG’s story in her own words.

You can help!

Phone blast script and numbers:

Local U.S. Bank: 510 891-2990

Corporate U.S. Bank: 612 872-2657

Realtor: Phi Nguyen, 415 412-5923,

I am ___________________, and I am calling on behalf of my friend, Gwen Winter, who you evicted from her home at gunpoint at 1415 Allman Street, Oakland, CA on Friday morning, April 19. I demand you call off the sheriffs, let her back into her home, lower her principal and treat her fairly and equitably! Don’t try to tell me that it isn’t your loan, because all the lawsuits are from your lawyers, who call themselves: US Bank NA as trustee for Chevy Chase Bank. Her loan number is (Chevy Chase Bank) #0555083294.

To sign up for text alerts for GG’s fight and others, text

“OOForeclosure” to 69302.


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