Ocuppy’s Stake in KPFA’s Board Election

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KPFA has been a strategic resource for Occupy Oakland.  The KPFA  station board (LSB) election has been extended so listeners can join for a $25 a year donation at kpfa.org until Thursday September 13th and still vote when the ballots go out in November.

Please share this video of four longtime KPFA activists who are also Occupiers.

United for Community Radio VoteCommunityRadio.org

Our candidates include:


Preliminary List of UCR (United for Community Radio) Candidates


(This will not be final until September 13th, but it is likely to be close to the final candidate list)


David Roach is the current director of the Oakland Black Film Festival (www.oiff.org) . He is the founder of ‘Mo Better Food”(www.mobetterfood.com) which works to bring farmers markets to African American neighborhoods and support black farmers. He taught at Castlemount and McClymonds high schools in Oakland.


Ramses Teon Nichols is the organizing director at SEIU Local 1021 and a member of Green Party County Council in San Francisco County.


Karen Pickett works on issues of forest and species preservation, recycling, native rights issues, alliance building between the labor and environmental movements, and activist civil rights. She is founder and Director of the Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters and is a co-founder of the Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment.


Larry Shoup taught U.S. history at several universities and wrote a number of articles and at least three books (Imperial Brain Trust and The Carter Presidency and Beyond, and Rulers and Rebels: A People’s History of  California 1769-1901 ). At San Francisco State he was an active member of the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO. In 1978 he left academic life and became a partner in Archaeological/Historical Consultants, an Oakland consulting firm. Since that time he has written over 150 reports on California history, one of which was as a book published in 1999.


Andrea Prichett is a teacher, a co-founder of Copwatch which advocates for victims of police brutality and a founding member of the political folk trio Rebecca Riots.


Samsarah Morgan is the director of the Nia Healing Center for Birthing Professionals, a doula and midwife and a contributing writer for several magazines. She is a member of the Alameda Green Party County Council.


Dave Welsh is a long-time member of the San Francisco Labor Council from Local 214 (Letter Carriers union) and the west coast organizer for the ILWU Longview support action earlier this year, Occupy Oakland activist.


Beth Seligman is an Oakland attorney in private practice, a member of the Oakland Greens and an active member of the Occupy Oakland Media Collective.


Monadel Herzallah Palestian rights activist, educator, labor rights organizer, inspiration to many


Oriana Saportas former KPFA Local Election Supervisor, community organizer, Occupy member and supporter


2 Responses to “Ocuppy’s Stake in KPFA’s Board Election”

  1. Samsarah Morgan

    Hello and thank for this post. It felt important to me to add that I am also one of the founders of Occupy Oakland Children’s Village – the island of peace, love and, Leggos which welcomed Oakland families while our beloved camp lived…

    I also have the honor to be either a founder member or active member of the following committees and / or caucuses: occupy./decolonize pregnancy birth and parenting caucus, Decolonize women and girls caucus, Non violence caucus, Children’s village/parents and allies committee, and the Re-Imagine The GA working Group.

    I look forward to continuing to support this movement , this city and its children, in all ways possible. Many Blessings!

  2. seamus

    Due to a editing mishap the intros were omitted . From Left to right Virginia Browning , A retired Health care worker and KPFA activist, Daniel Borgstrom , Vets for peace, OO participant a(who was twice arrested during OPD attacks,and likewise a activist for a Democratic , truly radical alternative Pacifica , Stan Woods ,of the Transport workers Solidarity committee who was active in organizing for Nov. 2 , Dec 12 and the aborted caravan to Longview Washington .Woods was also a founding member of the OO Labor Solidarity Comm, and former member of the KPFA Local Station board .
    Last is Henry Norr , a current member of the KPFA station board who has also been a strong supporter of our Occupy movement. It should be noted that Norr was fired from his job as a Tech columnist for the SF Chronicle in 2003 due to his activism in the antiwar movement