Labor Day: Last Bay Area show of Mime Troupe 2012 season at Dolores Park, 2PM

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2012: For the Greater Good, or The Last Election

The last Bay Area performance of the Mime Troupe‘s 2012 show “For The Greater Good” will be at Dolores Park in San Francisco at 2PM Monday, September 3rd.  Music begins at 1:30.  The shows are free, but donations are appreciated. The weather looks beautiful today.

The Last Election


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  1. GNUWorldOrder

    It wasn’t as great a show as many (most?) of the Mime Troupe shows are. Their election-year shows always seem a step down from the rest for some reason. But it was centered in an Occupy encampment and was focused on the fraud, shelfishness and hypocrisy of the 1%. The main occupier character was portrayed as creepy, sinister, manipulative & unendearing although his actual actions didn’t seem that unreasonable (though you can argue that trying to find someone to act as a symbol for the revolution is pointless & counterproductive). The ending was ambiguous, which was OK with me, but the banker’s ingenue, shallow daughter who joined Occupy to get back at an over-endulgent daddy was apparently burned to death in an emcampment fire (though no one finds the body). No one seems to learn much of a lesson about anything. Often Mime Troupe productions are inspiring, this one lacked any sense of epiphany. But I liked one line, “there are revolutions happening all over the world, Egypt, Paris, Oakland….”