URGENT: Ally with us to defend our community KPFA radio station

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KPFA & Pacifica, a strategic asset for social movements

by Daniel Borgström
August 27, 2012

KPFA and the Pacifica radio network are a strategic asset for grassroots movements challenging the status quo. It has given Occupy some very good coverage. However, this cannot be taken for granted, because this radio station and network are under attack (from within). There is now an election going on for the KPFA board which could determine the future of this radio station and the Pacifica network.

KPFA, at 94.1 FM, is the local station here in Northern California. Pacifica is the parent organization; it has stations in five major cities. It also has over a hundred affiliated stations. In short, this is a nationwide radio network. Since the Occupy Movement has been nationwide, we can see the strategic importance of keeping the Pacifica network intact. However, there are some who want to break up the network; a group calling itself “Save KPFA” has been pushing to separate KPFA from Pacifica. That’s a bad idea, because if the network were broken up, the stations would likely fall into the hands of centrist or even rightwing broadcasting companies. A breakup must be prevented; this is one of the main issues in the upcoming board election.

In the KPFA election, 9 board members will be chosen. There are two competing alliances with totally different (and in my opinion irreconcilable) visions for KPFA’s future. In a nutshell, the situation is comparable to that of  Occupy Oakland vs. the Alameda County Labor Council bureaucrats — who for a while seemed to be our natural allies, but ended up opposing Occupy and lining up with Mayor Jean Quan and the Democratic Party.

We may remember that last fall, almost from day one, the Democratic Party set out to co-opt Occupy, to turn it into the Democrats’ equivalent of the Tea Party. As soon as tents appeared in the Plaza, Mayor Jean Quan and the Oakland City Council (all Democrats) made a major bid to co-opt Occupy Oakland. They were actually very nice to Occupy at first, and it was only after the General Assembly rejected their advances that the Democrats sent police to attack us.

The same struggle has been going on at KPFA. The difference being that whereas the General Assembly decided within the short space of about two days that it didn’t want to carry water for the Democrats, KPFA has spent 2 decades on this question, and is still in the process of making up its collective mind.

KPFA’s board consists of 24 members — slightly over half are aligned with the pro-Democrat labor bureaucracy, and several of this faction, which calls itself “SaveKPFA,” are members of MoveOn.org and the Wellstone Club. Pamela Drake of “SaveKPFA” openly works for Mayor Jean Quan. They are also the group that has been attempting to do a recall on Tracy Rosenberg, a highly effective KPFA board member and advocate for media democracy. If the “Save KPFA” group wins out in this struggle, KPFA’s programming will most certainly be unfriendly to Occupy and other grassroots movements. Occupy will NOT receive good coverage.

Opposing the pro-Democrat faction is an alliance (including Henry Norr, David Welsh, Stan Woods among others) which is friendly to Occupy. Most of its members have taken part in Occupy Oakland’s actions. This group is “United for Community Radio.”

That is the KPFA situation in a nutshell; for more details, there are articles at my website, “Daniel’s Free Speech Zone” http://danielborgstrom.blogspot.com ; also see stoptherecall.org stopthekpfarecall.org and supportkpfa.org.


Become a KPFA subscriber and vote in the upcoming board election.
Attend KPFA board meetings; they’re monthly, and most are held in Berkeley.
Read up on the issues and the current history of KPFA at the above websites.
Share Facebook posts about “United for Community Radio.”

TO BECOME A VOTING MEMBER of KPFA, a $25 subscription must be delivered to the station by August 30th. It’s at:

KPFA Radio Station, 94.1 FM
1929 Martin Luther King Jr Way
Berkeley CA 94704
(One block north of University Ave.)
(510) 848.6767

For more information about KPFA’s board election, please contact:
Aharon Morris, Local Election Supervisor
510.848.6767 ext. 212
or via e-mail at:  election@kpfa.org


2 Responses to “URGENT: Ally with us to defend our community KPFA radio station”

  1. KPFAWorker

    We at KPFAWorker.org also urge you to support KPFA and vote. However, please don’t believe this ridiculous article about Mr. Borgstrom’s allies being the only ones to support Occupy.

    Take the time to research the situation. You’ll find much more reliable information at http://www.KPFAWorker.org and http://www.SaveKPFA.org, including a long list of progressives who endorse SaveKPFA….

    KPFA Workers

    C.S. Soong, Co-host, Against the Grain
    Mitch Jeserich, Letters & Politics, Producer & Host
    Brian Edwards-Tiekert, KPFA’s UpFront, co-host
    Mark Mericle, Co-Director, KPFA News
    Aileen Alfandary, Co-Director, KPFA News
    Bonnie Simmons, Host, The Bonnie Simmons Show, former KPFA LSB, Pacifica National Board
    Philip Maldari, Sunday Show, Producer & Host
    Kris Welch, Living Room & Saturday Morning Talkies, Producer & Host
    Miguel Guerrero, Web Producer & Producer, Rock and Rebellion
    Jan Etre, Crafts Fair Coordinator
    Laura Prives, Morning Show, Executive Producer
    Sasha Lilley, Against the Grain, Producer & Host
    Max Pringle, News Reporter
    John Hamilton, News Producer & Anchor
    Rose Ketabchi, Free Speech Radio News, Technical Producer, KPFA News Co-Anchor
    Scott Pham, Free Speech Radio News, Technical Producer
    Derk Richardson, Host of the Hear and Now
    David Gans, Host of Dead To The World
    Bob Baldock, KPFA Events Coordinator
    Richard Wolinsky, Bookwaves on Cover to Cover, Producer and Host
    Vanessa Tait, labor journalist, KPFA News unpaid staff, FSRN co-founder
    Lewis Sawyer, producer Early Morning Music , former KPFA Receptionist
    Esther Manilla, former Morning Show and Fund Drive producer
    David Bacon, former Morning Show labor producer
    Eddie Yuen, Against the Grain, co-editor of Confronting Capitalism
    Sally Phillips, KPFA Producer, Host, Engineer
    Glenn Reeder, KPFA News Anchor
    Eddy Pay, The Herbal Highway
    Tina Bachemin, News reporter
    Serge Morel, reporter, KPFA News
    Tim Lynch, KPFA music producer & host
    Diana Martinez, Letters & Politics
    Ramsey Kanaan, founder, AK Press; co-founder/publisher, PM Press; KPFA unpaid staff
    Judith Scherr, KPFA News
    Joanna Manqueros, Music of the World, unpaid staff
    Vic Bedoian, KPFA News reporter, former KFCF General Manager
    Jonas Hansen, former KPFA intern

    Artists, Journalists, Academics

    Larry Bensky, Pacifica National Affairs Correspondent (1987-2007)
    Raj Patel, author of “The Value of Nothing” and “Stuffed and Starved”
    Jello Biafra, artist/musician/entrepreneur
    Rychard Withers, Executive Director, Fresno Free College Foundation, General Manager, KFCF (Fresno)
    Ignacio Chapela, Professor, Director of Laboratory of Microbial Ecology, UCB
    Conn Hallinan, foreign policy analyst, Foreign Policy In Focus, Institute for Policy Study, columnist, LSB member
    Aaron Glantz, Free Speech Radio News, co-founder, “Winter Soldier” broadcasts
    George Lakoff, Professor of Linguistics, UC Berkeley
    Karen Paget, author
    Mattie Harper, Democracy Now former producer
    Rick Flores, Host of “Wasteland Of The Free” on KFCF
    Andrea Turner, cultural and community activist, LSB member
    Frank Delgado,”Frank D”, KFCF, Creative Director
    Bernard Gilbert, Freedom Song Network
    Barbara Epstein, Professor, Dept. of History of Consciousness, UC Santa Cruz
    Jon Fromer, singer/songwriter, NABET/CWA local 51 shop steward
    Pat Wynne, Dir. Bay Area Rockin’ Solidarity Labor Chorus
    Peter Najarian, Artist, Writer, “The Great American Loneliness”
    Andrej Grubacic, radical historian and sociologist
    Summer Brenner, author of Richmond Tales and community activist
    Pratap Chatterjee, CorpWatch investigative journalist, author of Halliburton’s Army
    David Martinez, radical filmmaker
    Sheila Tully, Faculty CSUSF
    Dr. Carlos Muñoz, Jr., Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley
    Kay Trimberger, Professor Emerita, Sonoma State University and author
    Johanna Poethig, Professor, CSU, Monterey Bay, Public & Community Artist
    Lynne Hollander Savio, Chair., Mario Savio Memorial Lecture & Young Activist Award
    Beth Lisick, author/poet/performer
    Debbie Speer, Journalist, former KFCF Director, former LSB member
    Dr. Carla J. Fehr, Professor of Philosophy and Women’s Studies, Iowa State University
    Scoop Nisker, radio commentator and author
    Marty Price, educator, youth worker
    Kathleen Weaver, author of Peruvian Rebel
    AnnaMarie Smith, Professor, Government Department Cornell University
    Susan Stone, former KPFA Drama and Literature Director
    Dana Frank, Professor of History, UCSC
    Susan Moon, listener, writer, teacher
    Stephanie Luce, Associate Professor, Murphy Institute/CUNY
    Adrienne Carey Hurley, Professor of East Asian Studies, McGill University
    Lynn Feinerman, founding producer, Women Rising (National Radio Project)
    Todd Davies, Lecturer, Stanford University
    Lynn Feinerman, artist/journalist
    Molly Holm, Vocalist/Composer
    Maya Manza, Dept of Geography, McGill University
    Teresa McFarland, Dept of Linguistics, UC Berkeley
    Juan Pedro Gaffney Rivera, Founding Director, Coro Hispano de San Francisco; composer and arranger, choral director and educator

    Community Activists

    Act Up, East Bay
    Rashidah Grinage, founder, People United for a Better Life in Oakland (PUEBLO)
    Cecilia E.”Ces”Rosales, Alameda Cnty. D.C.C., Ntl. Cntr. for Lesbian Rights, E. Bay No on Prop 8 Campaign
    Marty Bennett, Co-Chair of the Sonoma County Living Wage Coalition
    Max Anderson, Berkeley City Council Member
    Dr. Jeff Ritterman, Vice Mayor of the City of Richmond
    John Iversen, Act Up, East Bay
    Mal Warwick, consultant, author, and public speaker
    Tom Bates, Mayor, City of Berkeley
    Loni Hancock, State Senator, District 9, East Bay
    Anna Rabkin, former City of Berkeley Auditor
    Bob Meyer, President, Progressive Perspectives
    Giuliana M. Sorro, SF Community Activist
    Linda Olivenbaum, Director, Early Childhood Program Administration
    Kathy Lipscomb, Senior Action Network, S.F. Executive Board
    Fran Taylor, SF Community Activist
    Anne Weills, Civil rights lawyer and community organizer
    Nick Jones, Atchison Village Co-op, former UFWA Boycott Director
    Sandy Spiker, East Bay community activist
    Nancy Friedman, MFT, Oakland
    Jack Radey, historian, game designer, Eugene, OR
    Mike Rotkin, Mayor of Santa Cruz, California
    Igor Tregub, Commissioner, Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board
    Ying Lee, Berkeley community activist
    John Van Eyck, former listener rep, KPFA Local Station Board
    John Tango Iverson, health activist

    Labor Leaders

    Dan Siegel, civil rights and labor attorney, former Pacifica General Counsel
    Sal Rosselli, president, National Union of Healthcare Workers
    Glenn Goldstein, National Organizing Director, NUHW
    Shelley Kessler, Sec. Treas., San Mateo Labor Council
    Walter Johnson, emeritus Secretary Treasurer of the SF Labor Council
    Michael Eisenscher, Coordinator, Bay Area Labor Committee for Peace and Justice
    Betty Olson-Jones, President, Oakland Education Association
    Warren Mar, labor & community activist
    Roger Scott, Executive Board AFT 2121, CCSF
    Susan McDonough, labor activist, LSB member
    Catherine Powell, California Faculty Association
    Larry Hendel, No. Ca. Organizing Director, California Faculty Assn.
    Tho Thi Do, International General Vice President, Hotel and Restaurant Employees International Union (HERE)
    Bill Harvey, Retired Sec/Treas CWA Local 9415, Retired President Alameda County Labor Council AFL-CIO
    Ana Turetsky, President, American Federation of Teachers, Local 771
    Sandy Kaplan, Co-President, Shoreline Educators Association/CTA
    Peter Olney, International Organizing Director, ILWU
    Maria Guillan, SEIU Local 1021 activist
    Mary Fromer, Organizing Director SEIU Local 707, Sonoma County (retired)
    Libby Sayre, CWA District 9
    Tonette Garcia, Worksite Organizer, SEIU Local 1021
    Paul Kaplan, Executive Board Member, North Bay Labor Council
    Jelger Kalmijn, President, University Professional & Technical Employees/CWA
    Steve Early, labor journalist
    Francesca Rosa, member-delegate San Francisco Labor Council, SEIU 1021
    KPFA Listeners

    Lawrence Abbott ♦ Phoebe Ackley ♦ Danielle Alexander ♦ Joan Allen ♦ Michael Allen ♦ Teri Allen-Piccolo ♦ Betty Amberg ♦ Terry Andre ♦ Elizabeth Anthony ♦ Anatole Anton ♦ Bill Appledorf ♦ Jane Armbruster ♦ Louisa Arndt ♦ Seda Arnold ♦ Eve Aruguete ♦ Debbie Astrin ♦ Alan Attlee ♦ Miguel AuClair-Valdez ♦ Ellen Augustine ♦ Mary Ayers ♦ Robert Bagheri ♦ Mercedes Baker ♦ Tonia Baker ♦ John Baldwin ♦ Dennis Bandy ♦ Jane Barbarow ♦ Barbara Barbour ♦ Mark Barnes ♦ Rita Barouch ♦ Helen Baum ♦ Laurie Baumgarten ♦ Michael Beer ♦ Karl Beitel ♦ Jeffrey Bell ♦ Letitia Berlin ♦ Spartac Bet-Lachin ♦ Iris Biblowitz ♦ Nicole Bilotti ♦ Wendy Bloom ♦ Esther Blumenthal-Sheats ♦ Susan Boggiano ♦ Diana Bohn ♦ Polly Boissevain ♦ Michael Bordenave ♦ Buddy Born ♦ Susan Bradford ♦ Pam Brennan ♦ Summer Brenner ♦ Lorie Brillinger ♦ Bart Brodsky ♦ Jackie Brookman ♦ Carole Brown ♦ Jean Brown ♦ June Brumer ♦ Linda Brunner ♦ Bob Bryzman ♦ Yvonne Campbell ♦ Augusto Cardoso ♦ Jennie Carpenter ♦ Rick Charnes ♦ David Chase ♦ Gail Cheeseman ♦ William Chorneau ♦ Rene Cisneros ♦ Bessie Citrin ♦ Eleanor Clarke ♦ Kris Clarke Ph.D ♦ Michael Coan ♦ Carolyn Cobb ♦ Shiela Cockshott ♦ Robert Coe ♦ Larry Cohen ♦ Ralph Colby ♦ Kristine Cole ♦ Naya Colkett ♦ Jen Collins ♦ Jim Conroy ♦ Margaret Copi MD ♦ Allen Coulson ♦ Maia Craig ♦ Cesar Cruz ♦ Marian Cruz ♦ James Curran ♦ Sonja Dale ♦ Jonathan Darr ♦ Merrily Davies ♦ Todd Davies ♦ Rachel DeCarlo ♦ Dawn DelMonte ♦ Kathy deRosas ♦ Saraswathi Devi ♦ Paul Dewey ♦ James Dexter-Lee ♦ Jeffrey Dickemann ♦ David Dobkin ♦ Lawrence Dorfman ♦ Mary Dosch ♦ David Dowis MD ♦ Ellen Duell ♦ Laura Duke ♦ David Durbin ♦ Kit Durgin ♦ Steve Early ♦ Elizabeth Ebrahimzadeh ♦ Arnie Egel ♦ Sousan Ehteshami ♦ David Eifler ♦ Rose Elizondo ♦ Pamela Elmore ♦ Alison Engh ♦ John Erhart ♦ Jim Espinas ♦ Dwayne Eutsey ♦ Nina Falk ♦ Kirsten Falke-Boyd ♦ Virginie Falquerho ♦ John Farrell ♦ Lynn Feinerman ♦ Mark Fenelon ♦ James Ferrigno ♦ Tom Figueiredo ♦ Joan Fiser ♦ Allan Fisher ♦ David Fisher ♦ Patrick Fisher ♦ Sienna Fisher ♦ Tessa Flores ♦ John Flynn ♦ Nancy Friedman ♦ Jon Fromer ♦ Roger Fuller ♦ Jeanne Furstoss ♦ Juan Gaffney ♦ Chase Garber ♦ Mary Gardner ♦ Manfred Geier ♦ Janet Geis ♦ Marie Giardino ♦ Robert Godes ♦ Frances Goff ♦ Ernest Goitein ♦ Sheila Goldmacher ♦ Roz Goldstein ♦ Nsomeka Gomes ♦ Agustin Gonzalez ♦ Daniel Goodwin ♦ Gail Gordon ♦ Amy Gorman ♦ Joanna Graham ♦ Kathleen Gray ♦ Pat Gray ♦ Ford Greene ♦ Barbara Gutkin ♦ Terry Gutkin ♦ Lena Hahn-Schuman ♦ Christie Hakim ♦ Gina Hall ♦ Jo Anne Hall ♦ Ross Halligan ♦ Maribeth Halloran ♦ Jonas Hansen ♦ Christine Hanson ♦ Kristin Hanson ♦ Dave Hart ♦ Peter Hartmann ♦ William Harvey ♦ Andrew Harwell ♦ Susan Hayase ♦ Derryl Hayes ♦ Matilda Haywood ♦ Nicole Heare ♦ Janice Heiss ♦ Priya Hemenway ♦ Rick Herbert ♦ Dennes Hernandez ♦ Florence Hicks ♦ Peter Hill ♦ Terri Hinte ♦ Patty Hirota-Cohen ♦ Ronald Hirsh ♦ Molly Holm ♦ Ann Hoover ♦ Fred Hosea Ph.D ♦ Rachel Howard ♦ Adrienne Hurley ♦ Mariuccia Iaconi ♦ Lindsay Imai ♦ Mary Isham ♦ John Iversen ♦ Nancy Jackson ♦ Ivan Jaigirdar ♦ Andrew Jamieson ♦ Stacey Jaros ♦ Ellen Jennings ♦ Rich Johnson ♦ Carole Jones ♦ John Jones ♦ Nick Jones ♦ Stephanie Jones ♦ Steve Jones ♦ Jorge Juliao ♦ Mike K ♦ Lynne Kalmar ♦ Dimitri Katsaros ♦ Annie Kavanagh ♦ Deborah Kearns ♦ Nancy Kelly ♦ David Kessler ♦ Jane Ketcham ♦ Sandy King ♦ C Kingsley ♦ R. Jane Klein ♦ Helene Knox ♦ Suzanne Korey ♦ James Koss MD FAAEM ♦ Karen Kraft ♦ Linda Krantz ♦ Ari Krawitz ♦ Christophe Kreis ♦ Guillermo Kuhl ♦ Rose Kuhn ♦ Arpi Kupelian ♦ George Lakoff ♦ Griff Lambert ♦ Lisa Lambert ♦ William Lambert ♦ Marcia Laris ♦ Eric Larsen ♦ Jonel Larson ♦ Valerie Lasciak ♦ Gretchen Leavitt ♦ Lisa-Anne Lee ♦ Tyler Lee ♦ Wendy Leigh ♦ Peter Leinau ♦ Cecile Leneman ♦ Mike Leonard ♦ Elizabeth Leone ♦ Rose Lernberg ♦ Richard Lerner ♦ Sensei Gregory Lewis ♦ Manufou Liaiga-Anoa’i ♦ John Lionheart ♦ Roberta Llewellyn ♦ Helen Loo ♦ Robert Loomis ♦ Diana Lopez ♦ Karen Lovaas ♦ Gregg Low ♦ Catherine Lowrey ♦ Kirk Lumpkin ♦ Patricia Luna ♦ David Lynch ♦ Ken MacKay ♦ Laurie Mackenzie ♦ Ruth Maguire ♦ Maria Mana ♦ Maya Manzi ♦ Roxanna Marinak ♦ Joan Marler ♦ Laurel Marshall ♦ Alice Martineau ♦ Diana Martinez ♦ Jorge Martinez ♦ Barrie Mason ♦ Mark Mason ♦ Alison Massa ♦ Edison May ♦ Susan McAllister ♦ Janet McColl ♦ Carol McFarlan ♦ Dr. Teresa McFarland ♦ Bruce McGaw ♦ Ian McWethy ♦ Eileen Meehan ♦ M Meyers ♦ Chris Miller ♦ Laurie Miller ♦ Tom Miller ♦ Garey Mills ♦ Timothy Milos ♦ Ruth Minka ♦ Susan Moon ♦ Hank Mooney ♦ Marsha Moore ♦ Serge Morel ♦ Ruth Morgan ♦ Leba Morimoto ♦ Bob Morris ♦ Mary Morton ♦ Blair Moser ♦ Marianne Mueller ♦ Veronica Munoz ♦ Daphne Muse ♦ Michelle Muse ♦ Lari Mussatti ♦ Katherine Myskowski ♦ Clark Natwick ♦ Sally Nelson ♦ B Nesbitt ♦ Dr. Harriet Neves ♦ Sheila Newbery ♦ Linda Nicoletto ♦ Jai Noire ♦ Pam Norton ♦ Fletcher Oakes ♦ Katherine Oberle ♦ Meaveen O’Connor ♦ Meg Oldman ♦ Neta O’Leary ♦ Becky Olsen ♦ Peggy Olsen ♦ Beth Olson ♦ Jennie Orvino ♦ Wendy Oser ♦ Suzanne O’Shea ♦ Wendell Otu’upu ♦ Eric Oxelson ♦ Daniel Oxenhandler ♦ Patrice P.-Martel ♦ Mary Paffard ♦ Gilma Palma ♦ Teresa Paris ♦ Brooke Passano ♦ Dean Pasvankias ♦ Eddy Pay ♦ Jolie Pearl ♦ Murray Pender ♦ Linda Peterson ♦ Ron Peterson ♦ Eva Pettersson ♦ Enzo Piccone ♦ Marc Pilisuk ♦ Vlad Popescu ♦ Stanley Poss ♦ L Pratt ♦ Margery Prickett ♦ Victoria Priloff ♦ Tom Purdy ♦ George Pursley ♦ N Q ♦ K Quick ♦ Susan Quinlan ♦ Jack Radey ♦ Peter Ralph ♦ Philip Ratcliff ♦ Kevin Rath ♦ Barbara Raymond ♦ Celia Reyes ♦ Ann Riauf ♦ Jerome Rice ♦ Suzanne Ristagno ♦ David Romano ♦ Paul Romero ♦ Francesca Rosa ♦ Robert-Harry Rovin ♦ Doug Rowe ♦ Barbara Rozen ♦ Joyce Sabel ♦ Dallas Sacher ♦ Nikki Sachs ♦ Stephen Sacks ♦ Eric Saund ♦ Richard Saunders ♦ Kurt Schnaubelt ♦ Myrna Schnur ♦ Lesley Schultz ♦ Ellen Schwartz ♦ Chuck Scurich ♦ Mary Sepulveda ♦ Alice Sharp ♦ Judy Shattuck ♦ Beth Sherman ♦ Sylvia Sherman ♦ Judy Shull ♦ Kathryn Sibley ♦ Susan Sico ♦ Deer Simmons ♦ Mary Skinner ♦ Anna Slavicek ♦ Edwina Smith ♦ Scott Smith ♦ Stephen Smith ♦ Winnie Smith ♦ Deborah Sohr ♦ Phoebe Sorgen ♦ Margaret Spillane ♦ Mark Spindler ♦ Rebecca Spindler ♦ Nina Sprecher ♦ J Staples ♦ Jeanne Stark ♦ Yvonne Steffen ♦ Thomas Stocking ♦ Lauren Stower ♦ Lynne Streeter ♦ Debra Stretch ♦ Jeffrey Sturm ♦ Jennifer Sullivan ♦ Meg Sullivan ♦ Anne Sussman ♦ Marie Switkes ♦ Jim Syfers ♦ Ruey Syrop ♦ Sara Tanenhaus ♦ Doug Tarnopol ♦ Sharon Tasby ♦ Fran Taylor ♦ Murray Tobak ♦ Amy Trachtenberg ♦ Igor Tregub ♦ Edward Treuting ♦ Susan Tripp ♦ Connie Tyler ♦ Silke Valentine ♦ James Vance ♦ Vance Vaughan ♦ Jane Vinson ♦ Milina Vodolija ♦ Beth Wachenheim ♦ Kim Waldron ♦ Kathleen Walkup ♦ Susan Wallace ♦ Katharine Wallerstein ♦ Leslie Waltzer ♦ Charlie Wambeke ♦ Li-hsia Wang ♦ Dennis Warin ♦ Virginia Warin ♦ Sheldon Warren ♦ Anne Wayman ♦ Audrey Webb ♦ Susan Wehrle ♦ Margaret Weimer ♦ Linda Weisman ♦ Rina Weisman ♦ Susan Weiss ♦ Laurence White ♦ Chuck Wilhelm ♦ Phyllis Willett ♦ Jessica Williams ♦ Bruce Wilson ♦ Florence Windfall ♦ Caroline Wisuri ♦ Susan Witka ♦ Ron Wizelman ♦ Sue Wong ♦ L Yaco ♦ William Yeager ♦ Nicky Yuen ♦ Stephen Zollman

    (all titles and organizations listed for identification purposes only)

    WE WELCOME ENDORSEMENTS from all members of KPFA’s community. To join our public endorsers, fill out this form. SEE ALSO endorsers of the YES on the KPFA recall campaign, and letters from listeners.

  2. callresponse.radio

    To re-state the most important time-sensitive element from Daniel’s article: please find $25 somewhere by Thursday, Aug 30 (listeners now have 2 extra days – til Sept 1) and JOIN KPFA via the address above or online at http://www.kpfa.org.

    stopthekpfarecall.org is the correct website Daniel is wanting to link above. (it includes the word KPFA within.) stoptherecall doesn’t link.

    Thank you for the article, Daniel. it’s hard to explain something as convoluted as the long and important campaign to keep KPFA/Pacifica independent from corporate and corporate-party control..One thing to say is that our group, United for Community Radio also stands FOR some important things. The following is a draft statement, still being finalized, possibly something to add, for example, about working to broadcast a progressive agenda making more use of new technology such as the internet – to realize this power more and more for the network.

    KPFA and Pacifica are a priceless resource. We have the opportunity to be a force for change – by amplifying the voices of those whose needs and desires, whose opinions and culture, are overlooked, marginalized or silenced by the mainstream media.
    Statement of Purpose:

    1. A Community Resource – To reclaim the mission of Pacifica and KPFA as a commons, reflecting broad and diverse participation, and not to be controlled by any particular group or party.

    2. Both Station and Network – To maintain the integrity and financial viability of KPFA and the Pacifica network – the national office, all five stations, the 160-plus affiliates, and the Archives. To develop a financial recovery and sustainability plan for KPFA to ensure its continued survival.

    3. Democratically Governed – To maintain governing boards that are democratically elected by proportional representation and have true management oversight.

    4. Program Council – To reconstitute our Program Council, including representatives from the listener community, and unpaid and paid staff.

    5. A Voice for Progressive Social Movements — To ensure that news, public affairs, music, arts and cultural affairs programming incorporate and prioritize the voices of people’s movements and communities – including struggles for protection of human and labor rights, civil liberties and the environment; for social equality; for the liberation of oppressed peoples, and freedom from imperialist domination and war. This includes expression of varied and controversial ideas, speech, information and debates – working especially to understand opposing viewpoints while standing for those whose voices are too often excluded from commercial media.

    7. Mutual Respect – To recognize and respect the essential roles of staff (unpaid and paid), apprentices, volunteers, management, and listeners at all 5 Pacifica stations.

    8. Listener Input – To ensure that the listeners have opportunities to provide input to the station, through various forms of feedback, including two annual, bylaws- mandated, LSB- hosted Town Hall meetings, regularly scheduled listener call-in shows and surveys.