Homeland Security, the Pentagon and the Occupy Movement

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One Response to “Homeland Security, the Pentagon and the Occupy Movement”

  1. vets74

    Occupy tried to get to nonviolent protests. But the commitment of time and effort was less than a tenth of what Dr. King, SCLC and SNCC put in for the Civil rights Marches in the 1950s/60s/70s.

    One 15-minute training session ain’t enough.

    There’s an Occupy Nonviolence page on Facebook that offers resources. SCLC in Atlanta has a full-blown international program with everything you’d need.

    Occupy Frankfurt is now the best of the Occupy sites. They work with the Polizei, hand in hand to support free speech. It’s the opposite to what happened in Oakland. (Oakland and New York are the worst. But don’t put blame 100% on the PDs.)

    You get back what you put in.

    Best to all —