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In coordination with the Occupy Oakland May Day Assembly, has just been launched to disseminate action plans and important info regarding the upcoming May 1 General Strike. The site is a non-sectarian clearinghouse for calls to action, communiques, propaganda, resources and more. It will be updated regularly so stay tuned for more details and action announcements. Please pass along the link:!
Overall framework for May 1 in Oakland:

To coordinate decentralized morning actions across the city based out of 3 or 4 convergence points outside of downtown which would all eventually feed into a mass convergence & rally at 14th and Broadway from noon to 1pm followed by a diversity of themed actions across the downtown core until the start of the March for Dignity & Resistance at 3pm. A final downtown convergence would be set for 6pm to coincide with the arrival of the march.

This proposal is meant to be a broad framework for May1 Strike Actions. The details that are not specified in this proposal shall be hammered out in the coming week within working groups of the May Day assembly.

6AM: Occupy the Golden Gate bridge
Meet at 19th & Telegraph to occupy the Golden Gate Bridge. Buses will be available.

9AM – NOON: 3-4 morning actions
Decentralized actions leaving from 3 or 4 key commercial areas outside of downtown at 9am. These actions can take the form of “strike enforcement brigades” such as pickets, blockades, snake marches etc. Strike stations will be set up at each of these locations starting at 8am with coffee, snacks, water, propaganda etc.
Specific locations TBA

NOON – 1PM: Everyone Converge on Downtown
Mass rally from noon to 1pm at 14th & Broadway. Should include speakers, food, music activities, etc.

1PM – 3PM: Themed Actions & Marches Around Downtown
After the rally, those in attendance have the opportunity to stay downtown or join one of the autonomous actions that will be departing from 14th & Broadway to continue shutting down various capitalist institutions in the downtown area. These themed actions could include a Reclaim the Streets Party, an FTP march, more pickets, etc.

3PM: March for Dignity and Resistance
All are encouraged to join the march starting at Fruitvale BART station at 3pm.

6PM – 7PM: Reconvergence downtown to coincide with the march arrival
Everyone back downtown to rally and celebrate together as the March for Dignity and Resistance arrives.


3 Responses to “Bay Area May 1 Strike Website:”

  1. nobody_important

    This is not about the economy, this is about fixing this Country by taking the power that was reserved for the people back from the created entities that were never supposed to have any plate at any political table.

  2. Lindsay4410

    Disgusting. You’re going to stop people from going to work and to school? That’s not how you fix the economy.
    And you’re making noise in the wrong part of the country. If you want to make noise, go to it in Washington D.C., you know, where they make the laws??

    And what the hell is with all this anti-capitalist stuff? Huh? Capitalism is what gave you a computer to make this website. It’s what makes your coffee shop operate. Capitalism is what funds your schools, your projects, your internet, your life. Capitalism is what drives you to work hard to get money. Capitalism is what pays your salary so you can buy food. What you should be doing is supporting capitalism, not rejecting it. Damn commies. Your message is so warped.

    Lastly, you’re going to occupy Child Protective Services!? Are you insane!? Jesus, Occupy. You guys have seriously dropped the ball on this one.

  3. RussD

    Sooo, did the BTR crew just disband so they could co-opt Occupy with their Leninist ways?
    Fucking a guys! Cadre=Elitist no matter how you spell it.