[#2 for 4/4/12 GA] Door to Door Outreach Proposal

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This is a proposal for Occupy Oakland to systematically go door to door to meet every family in Oakland with the emphasis on organizing and recruiting women to become a part of the Occupy movement. We emphasize women because women are the masses of the people and are the most oppressed among the 99%. When we organize the women, we also organize the youth because of women’s relationship to the youth. The women and the youth represent at least 75% of the population. Women are the first teachers of both the boys and girls and this is why you can measure a country by the political maturity of its women. The emancipation of women is the key to the emancipation of humanity. Men oppressing women is the biggest contradiction among the people. Women’s struggle for liberation must be seen as a part of the general struggle against capitalism, and never as an isolated struggle directed against men.

The 1 percent has waged an unrelenting propaganda war against women. The 1 percent is in power and in control of the education of the 99%, and that has affected how even the 99% relate to each other. An example is how Hollywood educates the masses of the people to judge women based on their looks. In a lot of cases women are more concerned with their looks than their character. Men are educated to think that a woman’s looks are the most important thing about her. As a result, women see themselves from the outside in, which means they judge themselves according to how someone else judges how they look. This is a form of slavery. It is severely anti-woman and an assault on all women. We should judge everybody by their character which is internal. Looks are something that are superficial. Character is the real essence of the person. Any person should be more concerned about their character than how they look. For instance, if a person is a servant of the people, they are beautiful regardless of how they look. It is very important for the 99% to reeducate ourselves in this manner.

Some advantages of going door to door to organize the masses of the people:

1. The only way to effective action is the organization of the masses of the people. The oppressed cannot be liberated without their participation.
2. We will be able to explain why it is necessary to organize the 99% in order to take power from the 1%.
3. Build the Occupy Oakland movement.
4. The organizers of Occupy Oakland can educate and radicalize the people, while at the same time be radicalized and educated by the people (This is how people are transformed into revolutionaries.).
5. Organize the 99% to be self-reliant and break the dependency from the 1% ( i.e. organizing collective kitchens, collective gardens, collective housing, childcare, etc.).
6. It’s the surest way of coming to know the people. Go to the people, live among them, learn from them, love them, serve them, plan with them, start with what they know, build on what they have.
7. We will come to know all the resources that we have among the people in order to use them for the people’s liberation.
8. We can encourage other Occupy movements to organize the people and grow our movement.
9. Encourage and build women’s organizations everywhere because the weapon of the oppressed is organization.
10. Develop a strong and active organization of men for the emancipation of women.


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