[Revising] Proposal for Finance of Occupy Oakland Medics

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The Occupy Oakland Medics are in need of financial assistance. Since the lack of an Occupy Oakland home, our supplies have been dwindling. We feel it’s imperative to train new street medics so as to expand the practice into various communities. The increase in police violence has increased our need to provide mutual aid to people in the streets during actions, as well as provide aftercare. We need supplies to continue doing this work and, in order to do that, we need an allowance.

We are asking for a weekly allocated allowance of 200-300 dollars. This money would maintain the support we have been consistently providing since before the OO movement.

The uses of the money would be:

– To obtain a storage/office space which we want to share with multi-disciplinary wellness providers, as a space to give trainings, have consistent meetings, and have a first aid area,

– To obtain a bike trailer to enable us to move supplies around for events and actions,

– To allow us to help out comrades on the front lines,

– To replenish our essential first aid items such as, but not limited to: non-latex gloves, Maalox, bandages, saline solution, safer sex supplies, tegaderms, butterfly bandages, mullien tincture, aloe, yarrow, and cough drops,

– To maintain our communication infrastructure, such as our dispatch phone and walkie-talkies,

– To provide access to the street medic supply kits for newly trained medics,

– To replenish and obtain alternative medicine and herbal components, which have been essential for our first aid and street medic services.

If hearing about this list of needed supplies sparks a thought about how to acquire them for free, that’s great, we are still open to donations. ?We cannot and will not flush your eyes out with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.? Unfortunately, recent police repression, with their continual targeting of political actions, has stalled the vision of a free public wellness center where these supplies would be stored. This is why the rent for a space is our third priority. Our first priority is self care, then, of course, street medicing all you lovely people! We are excited and staying strong! It has been a continual growing experience for us as medics and we are looking forward to the months to come!

See you in the streets!

Occupy Oakland Medic Committee


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