Nationwide Support for Occupy Oakland; Solidarity Demonstrations in Dozens of Cities

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On January 28, 2012, Occupy Oakland moved to convert a vacant building into a community center to provide education, medical, and housing services for the 99%.  Police responded with tear gas, rubber bullets, beanbag rounds and mass arrests.  The State has compounded its policy of callous indifference with a ruthless display of violent repression.  The Occupy movement will respond, as we have always responded, with an overwhelming show of collective resistance.  Today, we take to the streets.  Across the country, we will demonstrate our resolve to overcome repression, and to continue to build a better world grounded in love and solidarity for one another.  All eyes on all Occupies.

Sunday, January 29th – 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Check your local Occupation for convergence points.

Be there.

Washington Square Park 7PM

Copley Square 7PM

Love Park 7PM

McPherson Square 7PM

HQ – Jackson & LaSalle 7PM

Macarthur Park 5PM PST

JFK Memorial 6PM CT

Justice Center 4PM PST

Voice of Freedom Park 7PM

Superbowl Village 6PM

Joining NYC march via train. Washington Square Park 7PM

City Hall 7PM

Light Show! I-55 near high street. 5:30PM (Livestream)

3pm today more than 100 members of Occupy Des Moines set up an occupy encampment at People’s Park at the Iowa State Capitol in solidarity with Occupy Oakland, Occupy Wall Street.  Police repression likely at 11pm when park closes.

Hollywood & Vine, (In Front of Hollywood & Vine red line Train Station) 4:00 PM PST

VAG Steps, 7:00PM

American Consulate 7:00PM

Candlelight Vigil at McKeldin Square 7:00PM

Rally meets at 7PM at Congress Square (across from the Eastland Hotel)

Massing at 6th and Main street in downtown Tulsa. 7pm central time.

Organizing initiatives are underway in


If your city would like to organize & join in this call to action, email


4 Responses to “Nationwide Support for Occupy Oakland; Solidarity Demonstrations in Dozens of Cities”

  1. occupyforelosedhomes

    The police are gangsters they lie cheat and steal, they terrorize the weak and the innocent, this is what they are made of, do not play into their hands, the spring is now here the numbers will suddenly rise,
    Protesters will come out of the woodwork, be ready, you have to be on the ready at all times,
    So we make a mistake or two, well get up brush off the dust and prance on, we have suffered for decades, now we have to change this forever, if we fail, we would have failed forever, we would
    Have lost all our rights and the police would rob and kill us just like they have done for too very
    Long. Rise up, stand up and fight, violence will not let us win, Occupy the homes, as many as
    Possible in the end the foreclosures will end, the banks will lose the trillions they are hiding on
    Their books.

    Make another march, continue on forever, protest take the property and go to the courts with the
    Legal issues.

  2. occupyforelosedhomes

    Occupy all the foreclosed property everywhere, this will teach banks not to foreclose 18 million homes, this is the number, over the past five years, did any of the banksers go to jail? The banksters did not destroy useless construction equipment, the banks destroyed the whole country, millions of people are left homeless, removed from their homes by force, of the same police, the police are really stupid. I hope they do not come to the occupation to ask for help, as they too are being pillaged, they too are losing all their homes and their saved money. Arrogance and fake power gets no one anywhere.
    Bring the lawsuits on the cops personally and as officers of the law, put liens on their homes and seize their homes with stiff litigation, litigate the cities for every penny they got. Keep the police busy day and night, let them make millions in over time, it bleeds the city, Quan will go in disgrace as a foolish leader, who cost her city endless money by way of police brutality, the police is a present for the OWS, turn ever arrest into money, if you cannot beat them with force, and we cannot take the money away, when you occupy a property, file a lawsuit forthwith, and fight the bankster, the banks do not own none of the homes or property, they were all sold in RMBS tax free transactions, the titles are clouded on 99% of the foreclosed property.
    In fighting is useless, the police understand only money, they are cowards and uneducated people at the core, know this, they are very weak but you have to find the spot and such spot is in the pocket book, use the court system, to clean them out, the homeowners, have been occupying homes for the past 5 yrs, learn from them, many of the homeowners have become very good legal fighters, and many have won in the courts, granted many have lost the home, buy as the situation drags on they are and have wised up.
    Before you take a building look up the title, find the Pooling and servicing agreement, find the trust it is in or could be in and bring a lawsuit long before the occupation of that property. Remember a charge of trespass can only be brought by the true owner of a property. If the incorrect party brings a trespass suit and such suit is proven wrong, the litigant can get money for fake arrest, and fake charges and you can get the property as part of the settlement, these suits take many years, all you have to do is pay the property tax, and not a person can do you anything.

  3. Winstanley

    Simcha, I guess you were just waiting for the chance to distance yourself from Occupy Oak and now you have one. You’d like to paint everyone in OO with one brush and be done with it. I also think the choice of the Kaiser center was not a good one. And I agree that there were SOME in the crowd that were looking for a fight. But instead of addressing your criticism in a constructive way, you just denounce all of us. What kind os face-to-face conversations have you had with some of the people who were carrying shields, etc. What would you suggest people do when the police command us to disperse? Run away every time? Where would that lead us? YOu think the cops need an excuse to attack us? An empty plastic bottle thrown in the air is excuse enough for them to respond with rubber bullets, flash bangs, the whole bit. But I guess you think we should just always walk away. What if we HAD taken a smaller building and HAD set up some services there, and the police came and started to tear it all down. Should we again just walk away? At what point do we stand up to these thugs? You think we are going to get what we want through nice legal means? You think Gandhi would’ve got the British to leave India if there wasn’t a general rebellion going on at the same time? I mean really, we all know what FORMS you prefer, but what is the content?