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I have to say as a born and bred son of Oakland, Ca, I am disgusted with what I am seeing by the Occupy-Oakland thugs. You are not doing any good, you are destroying, breaking into and causing police forces to babysit a bunch of unpatriotic and un-loyal thugs instead of being able to attend to things like 5 murders that happened over the weekend. You shame the name of this great city I have called home for almost 50 years. History will reveal what you really are which is a lawless mob with no true purpose as you cannot control your own lot. I hope at some point you are all brought to justice and forced to pay the 5 million dollars already on the books due to your bull shit activities.


2 Responses to “Disgusting”

  1. jaybirdows

    What happens to a person after they turn 40?

    It seems like this switch gets thrown in your brain and you all of a sudden start thinking about who is wasting “my precious tax dollars!”

  2. basharr

    BTW don’t blame the government, you are wasting any political capital you may have had by allowing the destruction of private and public property.