event at commonwealth club thursday evening

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We propose that those couple of people who have been invited to participate in this event :::   http://www.commonwealthclub.org/events/2011-12-15/occupy-what-now-what-next  hosted by the commonwealth club take advantage of the opportunity to have our message heard in an hour long panel discussion likely to be aired in full on 250 radio stations, regardless of the fact that Mayor Quan will also be on the panel.  We as a general assembly agree to set aside our policy of not engaging with public officials for this one event, for the sake of the improvement of our public image, and for the sake of getting real information about the movement out to the public.  We ask that all occupants of oakland refrain from disruptive tactics at this event, and also that as many as possible actually either attend the event, or congregate outside to positively reinforce the message of this movement.  tickets are free, but seats could be filled soon, so people should register as soon as they know they can attend.

this was an unheard proposal regarding this event, thanks to people not showing up for general assembly.  please, people, can we start showing up for more than our own pet projects?


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  1. a_small_voice

    1. there is no policy that states that participants in this movement cannot “engage with public officials.”

    2. the resolution, passed 10/31, says “Unless they have the full knowledge and support of the General Assembly, no person or group shall participate in any formal meeting with established authorities intended to shape or inform official policies toward Occupy Oakland. ”

    3. a discussion panel is not an official, formal meeting about the movement’s strategies and plans.

    4. people in this movement need to grow up and stop throwing a temper tantrum when quan appears. i mean seriously, get a grip.