Oct 15th Press Release

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OAKLAND, Calif. [October 15, 2011]

Participation and support continue to grow for Occupy Oakland.  Today
at 2:30 p.m., Danny Glover will lead a Jobs Not Cuts march from Laney
College to the Oakland encampment, and he will be joined by the mayors
of Oakland, Berkeley and Richmond.  Glover’s high-profile involvement
is expected to draw new and larger crowds to Occupy Oakland, and all
are invited to take part in the group’s general assembly, scheduled
for 7:00 p.m.

Over 500 people attended Occupy Oakland yesterday — its fourth
successful day. Occupy Oakland stands at the renamed Oscar Grant Plaza
(also known as Frank Ogawa Plaza) as an open space for dialogue and
dissent over the current political-economic system so many of us face
today. People have come together from a wide diversity of backgrounds
with a common theme shared by the Occupy Wall Street and the larger
occupation movement.

“The collective society has had its dignity ripped from it and we
gather together, united, to regain that power,” says Tara Stroud of

This demonstration, unprecedented in the recent times, has emphasized
solidarity across political, state, culture, race, and city lines in
order to come together in hopes of imagining a different world, a
world created for and by those it belongs to. There is a strong sense
of outrage against a societal model that has little value for the
overwhelming majority of the people: the 99%.

“The sense of community and camaraderie here is really inspiring,”
said Kevin Seal of Oakland.  “It’s unlike any form of protest that has
ever come before.  More inclusive, more open, and less centralized.
It’s intimately local and fully global all at once.”

We invite the press to join us in this conversation. We will do our
best to aid in the difficult job that you do, by organizing a system
to connect the press with informed members of the occupation that wish
to be interviewed. We invite you to join us at any and all activities
planned for the weekend.

General Assemblies happen every night at 7 p.m., in the amphitheater
on the north side of 14th Street, just west of Broadway.

About OccupyOakland:
Occupy Oakland is an emerging social movement without leaders or
spokespeople. It is one of 1,570 occupations currently occurring
around the world in solidarity with Occupy Wall St. For more
information about the other occupations, see: http://www.occupytogether.org/


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