November 2 General Strike & Mass Day of Action

Categories: General Strike - 11/2/11

 Statement from Occupy Oakland strike assembly on Friday, October 29

On Wednesday, November 2, tens of thousands of Oakland residents, students and workers will be participating in a general strike to shut down Oakland and the 1%. By a general strike we mean a work stoppage and a blockade of the city as well as school walkouts and occupations. As part of the global occupation movement, people in Oakland are also fighting to take back our lives, public resources and the spaces in which we work, study and circulate. The general strike in Oakland will be a collective city-wide action against the corporate domination over every aspect of our lives and against the growing gap between the rich and everybody else.

We recognize that not all workers will feel able to strike in their work places on November 2, and we welcome any form of participation which they feel is appropriate. We urge them to join us before or after work or during their lunch hours.

We call on the occupation movement of the United States and globally to organize general strikes and to take back what is ours.

In Solidarity…
We will see you in the streets.

• Solidarity with the world-wide Occupy movement!
• End police attacks on our communities!
• Defend Oakland schools and libraries!
• Against an economic system built on imperialism, inequality and corporate power that perpetuates all forms of oppression and the destruction of the environment!


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