Gear-up to Save the Movement! @projectjulio

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This Police Brutality CANNOT continue. My advice is simple and straightforward. The following DEFENSIVE EQUIPMENT is NECESSARY for continued occupation and cost less than $20 each: Full-Face Gas Masks (anti-tear gas & anti-pepper spray) and Wooden shields (anti-rubber-bullets,anti-bean-bags & anti-clubs) Also wooden shields are >$20 (or for $3 you can just saw off a plank of particle board from Home Depot) and can form an impenetrable perimeter. POLICE BRUTALITY HAS TO STOP SOMEHOW, SOMEWHERE. Let’s make it now. More info on twitter @projectjulio

P.S. I don’t make, sell or profit in any way from the sell of any of this equipment. I am just trying to provide access to cheap and effective counter-measures to protect against the police-state. As intelligent adults, I welcome and encouraged you to doubt my neutrality, but what an intelligent person can’t doubt is the effectiveness of these counter-measures. Let them lob tear-gas on a group of people wearing the same gas masks that they wear. And bring some oven-mitts or just a towel so you can lob them right back (otherwise your hand will get burned…those canisters are hot!). Let them watch their rubber bullets and bean-bags bounce right off your shields.

These are not weapons, nor is my advice intended to incite violence; this are merely protective equipment meant to secure our democracy and prevent the abuse of power blatantly shown by the 1% who are so intent on enslaving us through ignorance and intimidation. BUT NO LONGER!


4 Responses to “Gear-up to Save the Movement! @projectjulio”

  1. m16ribelor

    anyway, i signed up to see if anyone else is down to gear up and protect our rights, and namely to peacefully protest. i am out-fucking-raged that our police are shooting and beating the public. it would be a tactical advantage if we can organize a front line. one person with a piece of wood looks silly. a dozen people forming a wall is much more effective. again i want to stress that i want to organize a DEFENSIVE line. not an offensive counter strike. if anyone else feels compelled to protect our people, let me know

  2. m16ribelor

    agreed it isnt about fighting the police, but its also not about beating and shooting unarmed and peaceful protesters. but we must protect ourselves and our right to protest. how many are they going to shoot and hospitalize before you change your mind? how about we shove you into a corner and start poking you with pencils. sooner or later youre gong to protect yourself. whats silly is not listening to the self preservation instinct. a time and place for everything. and for everyone, a purpose. go ahead and hold your cardboard sign. ill be in front of you with my shield

  3. Helen

    This movement isn’t about fighting the police. Stop this silliness – you might just destroy the movement all by yourselves.