Oakland band shoots music video for Occupy

Oakland band Midnight Raid released their music video for the song “Fire” this week. Band members have been present at various demonstrations and wanted to do their part for Occupy Oakland. Support Occupy, Support local music, Stop Brutality. 45950


Gear-up to Save the Movement! @projectjulio

This Police Brutality CANNOT continue. My advice is simple and straightforward. The following DEFENSIVE EQUIPMENT is NECESSARY for continued occupation and cost less than $20 each: Full-Face Gas Masks (anti-tear gas & anti-pepper spray) and Wooden shields (anti-rubber-bullets,anti-bean-bags & anti-clubs) Also wooden shields are >$20 (or for $3 you can just saw off a plank of particle board from Home Depot) and can form an impenetrable perimeter. POLICE BRUTALITY HAS TO STOP SOMEHOW, SOMEWHERE. Let’s make it now. More info on twitter @projectjulio P.S. I don’t make, sell or profit in any … Continued