OO Tactics

I lived in Seattle during the WTO protests.  There too a percentage of attendees were interested in mayhem rather than issues, particularly, by vandalizing the property of people and businesses that had nothing to do with the WTO. I think that it is inevitable that troublemakers will show up.  Whether that is entirely bad or good I won’t say. Let me change direction for a moment.  To effect change, OO needs a carrot or a stick to go with its demands.  So far OO has gained national attention, by making … Continued


Gear-up to Save the Movement! @projectjulio

This Police Brutality CANNOT continue. My advice is simple and straightforward. The following DEFENSIVE EQUIPMENT is NECESSARY for continued occupation and cost less than $20 each: Full-Face Gas Masks (anti-tear gas & anti-pepper spray) and Wooden shields (anti-rubber-bullets,anti-bean-bags & anti-clubs) Also wooden shields are >$20 (or for $3 you can just saw off a plank of particle board from Home Depot) and can form an impenetrable perimeter. POLICE BRUTALITY HAS TO STOP SOMEHOW, SOMEWHERE. Let’s make it now. More info on twitter @projectjulio P.S. I don’t make, sell or profit in any … Continued