*URGENT* Sacramento To Outlaw Protesting At City Hall 9-11-2012

  #OpStopSacramento#OpStopSacramento Video Message here; WE NEED YOU!! Help us save Free Speech in Sacramento. City Council plans to adopt and ordinance on 9-11-2012 that ABRIDGES the First Amendment, and Freedom to Assemble, requiring a permit and fee to assemble on City Hall. We URGE you to show up to the WEST STEPS of the Capitol Building in Sacramento, for a speech and teach-in by Brother Carter. This Even Begins at 11:30AM on the WEST STEPS of the Capitol building. From there we will mass together, and discuss whatever … Continued


Anonymous / Occupy Sacramento – The Lost Ones (HD)

  To the citizens of the world. We are Anonymous. Joseph Kony, a man from Uganda, has been kidnapping children for over 20 years. Forcing them to join his army of terror. The subject remains obscure, so this message is in a more broader scope; a war cry against Human and Child Trafficking. We will update this information as more detailed, and reliable facts are brought forth. We urge all citizens of the United States, and the world to open their eyes. To come together in a time of fierce … Continued