OccupyMarin: Wells Fargo Foreclosure Rally – 7/11/2012 Photos

Wells Fargo stop the foreclosures OccupyMarin Rally As an update (7/11/12 10pm) to Patricia and John’s foreclosure case: The eviction notice says they should be gone out of their house by July 23 at midnight. Some of us from OccupyMarin and OccupyOakland are planning on coming over to their home’s front yard and camp there to stop the Sheriff and Wells Fargo from evicting Patricia and John. If you cannot join us, please support us by calling Wells Fargo and elected Officials, their phone numbers are as follows: Wells Fargo: 800-853-8516 Lynn Woolsey: 415-507-9554 … Continued


Bank of America locks door because protesters rally – Albany, CA 5/21/12 – Photos

On May 21st a group of over 5o peaceful protesters rally in front of a Bank Of America brunch located on Solano Avenue and Nielson Street, in Albany, California. It didn’t take long after the Occupiers came to the location for the bank quickly closed their doors. Soon after, someone administrator/manager sent a security guard to the sidewalk to tell us to stop taking photos. Of course, we ignore his request. There was life music from the protesters, and cheers and honks from people in cars passing by as signs … Continued


Justice for Alan Blueford: Rally at the DA’s Office, Wednesday, 5/23/12, 3:00pm

  Alan Blueford, an 18 year old Black student at Skyline, slated to graduate next month, was brutally murdered by OPD on May 6th in East Oakland. Alan Blueford’s family and community activists are calling for a 3pm rally in front of the Alameda County DA’s office this Wednesday, May 23, 3:00 p.m., to make the these demands: Release the cop’s name Take him off paid leave Charge him with murder Fire him The DA’s office is located at 1225 Fallon Street. – directions here – There is also a townhall with 6:00 Acts … Continued