may day

Is AT&T U-verse Serving The People Or Fleecing The Sheeple?

Ma Bell was notorous for corporate greed and customer abuse long before Lily Tomlin lampooned her on Laugh-In. And in today’s ATT Screw-U-Verse, the corruption continues. IS AT&T U-VERSE (ATT UVERSE) SERVING THE PEOPLE OR FLEECING THE SHEEPLE? Those of you still relying on mainstream media for news may be unaware of what Occupy Wall Street and the Global Revolution have planned for Tuesday, May 1 2012: MSIE users Google this: (occupy AND (“may day” OR mayday)) But for those of you in the Occupy Movement looking for … Continued


Street-medic live action role playing April 29 9 am to 5 pm

Hey there! As a fun way to get ready for may day, we will host a wonderful medic event. This event might be more useful if you have already been a street-medic, and or you have been trained. We will not go over a whole training at this event, this is just to  practice your skills and for us to hangout and have fun! Please bring: Clothes you will get dirty in! supplies to share! A lunch or money/ebt etc to get one. friends who want to be lovely … Continued


LIBERATE YOUR MONEY by May Day! (Ongoing Bank Divestment Action) Attention everyone who cares about solidarity, re-investing in local communities and sending a message to big banking institutions that we are fed up with their unethical, greedy mismanagement of our money – your money is being held hostage by big banks and IT IS TIME TO LIBERATE IT!! **Wait, so why move my money?** * Because your bank makes billions in profits but pays almost no taxes. * Because your bank gets rich by charging you huge, unnecessary fees. * Because your bank bribes your politicians. * Because your … Continued