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Judge Strips Power from Oakland Police Decisions must now go through court monitors, as department steps closer to federal takeover

Re-Posted From Bay Citizen By Shoshana Walter on January 24, 2012 – 9:00 p.m. PST 1 Comment A federal judge has granted significant decision-making powers to the monitors charged with overseeing court-ordered reforms at the Oakland Police Department, a move that brings the department one step closer to a federal takeover. In an order issued late Tuesday, Judge Thelton Henderson wrote that he was in “disbelief” that the department had yet to finish the reforms, adding that the department remains “woefully behind its peers around the state and nation,” and … Continued


Unpacking Homelessness on Move-In Day

By Jaime Omar Yassin Re-Posted from Hyphenated Republic January 21, 2012 On December 28, in the midst of Occupy Oakland’s continuing battle against the city and OPD at Oscar Grant Plaza, another kind of Occupation battle was taking place in Sacramento, largely out of sight of both activists and media. Homeless campers were experiencing another raid, as police cleared out their encampment. Despite the fact that Sacramento’s shelters are at full capacity already, the city nevertheless used anti-camping ordinances to clear the camp and scatter homeless people to the city’s … Continued


Occupy Sao Paulo, Brazil: Pinheirinho Occupation resisting eviction now

Leaflets from the residents read “A physical presence there is crucial at this time. The campaign of legal moes is very important, but the physical presence there is crucial at this time. Eviction can happen at any time. Tomorrow we want as many leaders and activists in this activity. We call on all organizations and movements to go out tomorrow to the city of San Jose Campos and collaborate in this act of resistance at Pinheirinho. This is our fight. 100% Pinheirinho!” The Military Police Command is preparing a mega-operation … Continued


Goldman Sachs Charging Oakland $5 Million a Year

Forwarded from Boots Riley There is a direct connection between the City of Oakland’s budget deficit and the predatory dealings of Goldman Sachs. Oakland pays 5 million per year to Goldman Sachs- for nothing- because of a questionable contract the city entered into. The city’s deficit is $4.8 Million. Goldman Sachs dissolving the deal, the city refusing to pay, OO forcing GS to cancel the debt or OO forcing the city not to pay GS- would solve the yearly deficit. Goldman Sachs has been doing this all over the country. … Continued


Response of City of Oakland to California Public Records Act Re removal of Occupy Oakland protestors after the unlawful meeting on November 9, 2011 of the Oakland City Council at Lake Merritt

                    From: Michael Boyd [] Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2012 12:01 AM To: Boyd, Karen; Flores-Medina, Arlette Cc: Laden, Vicki (CAO);;;;; Office of the Mayor ; Kaplan, Rebecca ; Reid, Larry ; Brooks, Desley ; De La Fuente, Ignacio; Schaaf, Libby; Nadel, Nancy ;; Brunner, Jane ;;; SF Bay View; Phil Horne; Lynne Brown; meshaidrissstelleymom Subject: Follow-up to Response to Notice to Correct or Cure 11/9/2011 Violations of the Ralph M. Brown Open Meeting … Continued


Police Beat Anti-Police Protestors, Arrest Six; Multiple Injuries at Jan 7 Demonstration Against Police Repression

Re-posted from On January 7, 2012, Occupy Oakland supporters participated in an “Anti-repression / Fuck the Police” march to the Oakland police station in order to condemn the series of outrageous and violent arrests committed by the Oakland Police Department during the past week. Also referred to as “Occububbles”, the march was attended by people who brought out mini-teepees, blew bubbles, and played drums. At the police station protesters were met by a large group of police in riot gear. Police began advancing toward the protesters, and, failing to … Continued


Occupy Oakland Activist [Khali] May Face Three Strikes

Reposted from East Bay Express Rachel Swan —  Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 3:18 PM The threat of life imprisonment looms for Occupy Oakland activist Marcel Johnson – better known by his alias, Khali – after a third-strike arrest during the demonstration. Having spent about 15 years incarcerated already, 38 year-old Khali said he was trying to turn his life around by distributing food to the needy at the Occupy Oakland encampment, where he was a frequent, vocal, sometimes endearing presence. On December 16 he was arrested outside City Hall for … Continued


Interaith Vigil Members Call For City Hall Protest 2 pm

URGENT NONVIOLENT ACTION TODAY (Jan 05, 2012), organized autonomously by several members of the Interfaith Tent @ Oakland. Meet 2pm at Oscar Grant plaza, right in front of Tully’s. Reposted from facebook event by Ingrid Martin Tonight, the OPD, assumably backed by the city, acted with such complete disregard for the law that our immediate action is required in protest. At about 11pm, Sri Louise and I were at the Interfaith Umbrella on Frank Ogawa Plaza, making political signs and keeping an eye on a sweet puppy named Jasmine. Others … Continued


City’s Increased Repression of Oscar Grant Plaza Vigils Producing Ironic Results

Re-posted from Hyphenated Republic, Jaime Omar Yassin. January 3, 2012 Shortly after police raided Oscar Grant Plaza for the second time, an intrepid, but disparate group of campers began to organize themselves autonomously to maintain a presence in Oscar Grant Plaza. On the night of the raid itself, some OGP campers scaled a tree and—over the next week or so—erected a series of platforms that allowed one or more people to continue to occupy the plaza out of the reach, literally, of the police. A small group of former campers also … Continued


Oakland City Hall Revokes Occupy Oakland Vigil Permit

Repost from East Bay Express By Rachel Swan —  Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 6:08 PM According to the latest missive from Oakland City Hall, Interim Police Chief Howard Jordan has rescinded the temporary encroachment permit that the City Administrator’s office issued to activist and veterans’ rights attorney Becca von Behren for a teepee and vigil in honor of Occupy Oakland. The permit, which was issued on November 29, allowed for a symbolic demonstration at Frank Ogawa Plaza as a small concession to protesters about a month after their camp was … Continued