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MayDay General Strike – 5/1/2012 Photos

UPDATE 5/4/12  01:10 AM: Photo sets #1 – #18 (and last) have been uploaded. Photo Set #1 | Photo Set #2 | Photo Set #3 |Photo Set #4 | Photo Set #5 | Photo Set #6 | Photo Set #7 | Photo Set #8 | Photo Set #9 Photo Set #10 | Photo Set #11 | Photo Set #12 | Photo Set #13 | Photo Set #14 | Photo Set #15 | Photo Set #16 | Photo Set #17 | Photo Set #18   28577


Occupy Oakland New Encampment at MossWood Park, March 22, 2012 Photos

Occupy Oakland new encampment at MossWood Park, March 22, 2012 photos. The group was peaceful. Children happily playing around. Young adults drawing/coloring scenes of the event. Others having conversations in regards of the event. Also in the late afternoon-evening I observed a big round of people, perhaps over thirty of them, conducting a meeting (no photos of the meeting so cops and city spies do not target them). Anyhow, all definitely together in solidarity with OWS and Trayvon Martin. About 11am, the time of my arrival to the camp, the … Continued


Anonymous / Occupy Sacramento – The Lost Ones (HD)

  To the citizens of the world. We are Anonymous. Joseph Kony, a man from Uganda, has been kidnapping children for over 20 years. Forcing them to join his army of terror. The subject remains obscure, so this message is in a more broader scope; a war cry against Human and Child Trafficking. We will update this information as more detailed, and reliable facts are brought forth. We urge all citizens of the United States, and the world to open their eyes. To come together in a time of fierce … Continued


Si quieres saber porque ocupar…

… simplemente acuerdate de los que se han quedado atras, de aquellos que duermen en casas de carton. Tu partipacion pequeña o grande les ayuda a ellos tambien. Casas de Carton: http://youtu.be/RuNBqFlgdak    Recursos que haye en el sitio de http://www.porqueoccupy.com/: Immigrant Solidarity Network Migration Policy Institute Migration Information Source American Civil Liberties Union (EEUU) American Immigration Lawyers Association (EEUU) Immigration Policy Center (EEUU) National Immigration Law Center (EEUU) National Immigration Project (Boston, MA, EEUU) National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (EEUU) Adelante Alliance (Brooklyn, NY, EEUU) Campaign for an … Continued


The Most Important Video of OWS So Far

http://www.nycga.net/2012/02/20/proposal-for-the-nycga-requesting-that-they-participate-in-a-nationwide-ga-on-the-17th-of-every-month-beginning-on-march-17th/ 20751


Pacific Steel Workers March for Dignity – Berkeley City Hall – Friday, February 17, 2012 – 10:00 AM

MARCH FOR DIGNITY. Friday, February 17, 2012, 10:00 AM. Berkeley City Hall. * More than 200 workers of the Pacific Steel Casting plant in Berkeley, CA were laid off due to a “silent raid” conducted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (ICE). * These laid off workers have organized a mutual support committee and will hold a public march, Friday, February 17, 2012, to fight the unjust layoffs they’ve suffered. * One laid off worker, Jesús Navarro, who is waiting for a kidney transplant, has been denied further treatment … Continued


General Assembly on Sunday, February 19, 2012 Will Be in Spanish and English

Reminder: On Sundays, the General Assembly meets at 2:00 PM at 19th and Telegraph in downtown Oakland. The General Assembly on Sunday, February 19, 2012 will be facilitated by a bilingual team fluent in Spanish and English. If you or someone you know would like to join the facilitation team for this event, or you have ideas for the facilitation of this GA, please contact: OOGAFacilitation@gmail.com. Ideally you/they would also be available to attend the planning meeting for the GA on Saturday, February 18, 2012 at 4:00 PM at 19th … Continued


Enfrentamientos y arrestos durante masivas protestas en Oakland

Domingo, enero 29, 2012, 11:37 Aproximadamente 300 personas fueron arrestadas este sábado por la noche durante un día caótico de protestas del movimiento “Occupy Oakland” que incluyó la incursión de manifestantes al Ayuntamiento y la quema de una bandera estadounidense. La policía lanzó gas lacrimógeno y granadas de estruendo para dispersar a cientos de personas luego que algunas de ellas arrojaran piedras y botellas a los agentes y derribaron rejas de seguridad. Fue el día de protestas más turbulento desde noviembre, cuando la policía de Oakland desmanteló a la fuerza … Continued


OPD attempted to arrest a OO member – GA 01/15/2012

En la tarde del Domingo Enero 15, 2012 la Policia de la Ciudad de Oakland llego a la Plaza Oscar Grand (Frank Ogawa) con unos papeles en mano que contenia fotografias impresas. Las cuales fueron utilizadas para identificar miembros de la Oakland Occupy (OO). A un punto la policia trato de arrestar a uno de los miembros del OO. Pero al mismo tiempo otro miembro fue alertar a resto que estabamos participando en la Asamblea General del dia, al otro lado de la plaza. Alrededor de cincuenta OO miembros se … Continued


FTP March – 01/14/2012

Estas fotos fueron tomadas durante la march “Fuck The Police” que se llevo a cabo el Sabado 14 de Enero de 2012. Estas no representan la marcha completa, si no cuando la marcha hiba for la Broadway y Telegraph. Here is a collection of photos taken during the Fuck The Police March on Jan 14, 2012. These photos were taken starting from Broadway and Telegraph, then going down a few blocks and going around to end at the Oscar Grant (Frank Ogawa) Plaza (in front of the Oakland City Hall).   15873