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city of Chicago settles with illegally arrested protesters   It’s nice to see city governments have  to pay for violating their citizens rights- even if it is 9 years after the fact. Hmm…… how am I going to spend my $15 grand from the Jan28 lawsuits? Guess I have 9 years to think about it. 19360


Creating a diverse committee to draft a “non-violence” proposal

It is apparent from last nights debate that we have uncovered our first Occupy Oakland wedge issue- “non-violence”. Proposals coming from one side or the other will either fail the vote or succeed in fracturing our movement. I believe the solution is to gather a working group comprised of OO members of different ideological persuasions for the purpose of drafting a GA proposal to address these concerns. We need to flesh out such loaded words as:  “violence”, “non-violence” and “tactics”- among others. We need to talk to each other rather … Continued


In it to win it

This movement cannot be stopped because the conditions that created it still exist: High unemployment, bankruptcy, skyrocketing health care and tuition costs, communities wrecked by home foreclosures, 30 years of stagnant wages, record income and wealth disparity, draconian cuts to public services, and a government of the corporation for the corporation and by the corporation. Flailing attempts to discredit the movement will not stem the tide. Rise up and OCCUPY. 3908


A quote from brother Malcolm

From Brother Malcolm X: “A very good example was the riots that took place here during the summer: I was in Africa, I read about them over there. If you’ll notice, they referred to the rioters as vandals, hoodlums, thieves. They tried to make it appear that this wasn’t — they tried to make it — and they did this. They skillfully took the burden off the society for its failure to correct these negative conditions in the Black community. It took the burden completely off the society and put … Continued