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Please, don’ t create a new “political force” !

Your movement gives hope to all the world ( I’ m from Italy and I have difficulty to use your language).   The most important thing is that the revolt against the Power, in the heart of the power, was not for the purpose of Power…         The worst thing you can do, is to become another party… This would be the end . And after would come  leaders, compromises, sales, betrayals and so on… 6418


Manifesto for a Human Union

  The human species risks extinction. On the one hand, the planet, because of the pollution which is subject, may not offer more  the minimum conditions of survival. On the other, is the real essence of human being called into question by the transformations social / cultural imposed by  Market and technology. The crazy increase in production and consumption causes desertification both outside and inside of human beings. Destruction of the Environment and dehumanization go hand in hand, fueled by the thirst for profit and power. Although there are still … Continued