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Oakland Rise Up Festival Invites OO Committees and Caucuses to Take Part in Move-in Day Festivities – Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Oakland Rise Up Festival is calling on all of the Occupy Oakland committees and caucuses to take part in the Move-in Day festivities on Saturday, January 28, 2012. We are inviting all committees to come to the festival to table or hold an event or workshop. Let’s recreate the power of the Occupy Oakland encampment by reviving all of the wonderful committees and caucuses! Please let us know if you are holding an event or if you need resources or materials. You can email us at: MOVE-IN DAY: … Continued


Account of OPD’s attacks on Occupy Oakland in the last two weeks and what you can do to fight against the repression!

In the last two weeks, Occupy Oakland has been the victim of almost-daily raids. Over fifty of us have been arrested, many of whom have been detained for days only to have their flimsy charges dropped when finally taken to court.  Many of us have been targeted, harassed and arrested by OPD for merely being a consistent presence at Occupy Oakland. Additionally, we all live in constant fear of the reality that OPD, at any moment, could snatch us off the street based on our affiliation to the movement. This is Police … Continued


Update on Recent Police Repression and How Occupy Oaklanders Can Fight BACK!

Last night (Jan 04, 2012) the Police did a raid of the Plaza; 60 cops came and removed the info table, and other vigil supplies and then proceeded to arrest 14 people, two of whom had been crossing the street in order to avoid police confrontation. The police brutality has reached an all-high for the movement. As an occupier put it: “Occupy Oakland has been the victim of almost daily raids by the police in the last two weeks. Dozens of us have been arrested and detained for days – … Continued


Police end the year cracking down on Occupy Oakland; we start the year saying, “oh hell no!”

ATTENTION SUPPORTERS OF OCCUPY OAKLAND! In the last week, the city has dramatically increased its repression of the Occupy Oakland movement by orchestrating repeated raids and arrests. Two days ago OPD raided a new encampment in West Oakland and an occupied house at 10th and Mandela, where members of Occupy Oakland were in the process of establishing a community center and shared living space. In those two raids over fifteen people were arrested. OPD has also been targeting the ongoing vigil and tree sit at Oscar Grant Plaza for the … Continued


Jailed comrade, Truth, in need of support from his Occupy family

————————————————————————————— One of our comrades, Truth, was arrested the evening of the General Strike. He now is still in custody due to a probation violation. The Anti-Repression Support Committee would like to encourage everyone involved in the Occupy movement to stand in solidarity with him through this rough time. Truth is (as he put it) “an occupier for life!” and was with us from day one of the occupation of Oscar Grant Plaza until his arrest. We just received a letter from him and he has expressed that he wants … Continued


Port Blockade Spreads up the coast!

Occupy Portland voted overwhelmingly tonight to blockade their port on December 12th! Add that to Oakland,  Los Angeles, San Diego, Tacoma, and the list goes on! Down with EGT and Goldman and Sachs! Check out the Port Blockade Website. Occupy Strikes Back!   7876


Update on Thanksgiving Arrest

Hello everyone! One person is still in jail from yesterday’s Thanksgiving police riot and has 65,000 bail.The Anti-Repression Support Committee, who is in charge of allocating bail can only post bond AFTER arraignment (when the bail will be seriously lowered) except in emergencies (such as torture, medical issues, etc). The person’s arraignment is MONDAY at 2pm, 661 Washington St., at 7th street, in Department 112. Please come out to support and show love! We will see you there! ALSO ON MONDAY: there are 3 arraignments from past occupy Oakland arrests … Continued


Court Support Needed for our friends arrested at Occupy Oakland! Upcoming dates…

Dear Occupy! We need to pack the courtrooms during any and every court proceedings (unless our legal teams advise us otherwise). We want all those who have court dates to let us know so we can post the date & time through here. *The date for this is the first court dates we know of. The end date is arbitrary. We will most definitely continue this page as long as OO exists. COME DO COURT SUPPORT! THIS MEANS A LOT TO THOSE FACING CHARGES! -remember this is a court house: … Continued