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Call for caravan / rideshare for demo on Tuesday

Hey ya’ll! There’s an event on Tuesday to protest the whitewashing of Israeli crimes and colonization at Temple Emanu’El in San Francisco. It would be great if people can give rides to the event since it is pretty far away from BART. If you are available to give a ride please contact me at by tomorrow night so we can figure out a meeting place and time for OOaklanders to get a ride. Thanks! 22407


Benefit Show1/15 for OO Move-in!!!

Come one come all! Last minute benefit show to fund Occupy Oakland’s move-in on Sunday January 28! Bring yr friends! SUNDAY JANUARY 15 AT PURPLE HAUS ALL AGES $5 OR MORE, no-one turned away. STILL SUIT +2TBA! (Want to play? see e-mail address below) Grub from FNB! Cheap beerz! PLUS Monday’s a holiday, so you either don’t have work, or being tired and/or hungover is an option! If you want to help plan the event please contact . If you can’t make it to the show but want to … Continued