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Confidential Memo: Plan to Attack Occupy Movement

Planned Hit on OWS “A well-known Washington lobbying firm with links to the financial industry has proposed an $850,000 plan to take on Occupy Wall Street and politicians who might express sympathy for the protests, according to a memo obtained by the MSNBC program “Up w/ Chris Hayes.” ” by Jonathan Larsen and Ken Olshansky … 1#45366471 Public Opinion and the Occupy Movement … -grid.html 1787 Occupy Manifesto (Antifederalist No. 55- 1787-88) “The third is the natural aristocracy; this term we use to designate a respectable order of men, … Continued


Both Barrels: Occupy Inboxes – NYC, ATL, CAL

Both Barrels: Occupy Inboxes – NY, GA, CA,   In solidarity with “EVICTED ‘OCCUPY”s in:   NEW YORK CITY   ATLANTA   OAKLAND   You and 10 of your friends send a daily e-mail to OCCUPY the INBOXs of city officials that have been inhospitable to the Occupy Movement.   Only e-mail any single officer holder or office once every 24 hours!   Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg City Hall New York, NY 10007 E-MAIL:     Kasim Reed Mayor City of Atlanta 55 Trinity Avenue Atlanta, Georgia 30303 E-MAIL: … Continued


A Koch and a Smile

A Koch and a Smile The vilification of the Koch Brothers on the left side of American Politics has lost it’s mind. Yes, these billionaires are part of the radical right wing. They fund Citizen United the group whose name is synomous with the ‘Citizen United’ ruling that declared corporation ‘persons’ and cleared the way for 2 individuals of the 1% to spend millions of dollars to buy politicians. It is true that the Koch brothers have financed Pro-life causes, Defense of Marriage initiatives and Union Busting state legislation. These … Continued


The White Occupy Movement : WOWS

Professor Hector R. Cordero-Guzman, PhD measured the increasing interest and levels of participation and involvement in Occupy Wall Street (OWS) by tracking the traffic to the main site for the protests- Monitoring an average close to 400,000 visits per day, Cordero-Guzman found among the demographic characteristics of the 1619 users who took his survey: “that 81.3% of respondents considered themselves White, 1.3% Black\African American, 3.2% Asian, .4% Native American Indian, 2.9% Mixed, 7.7% Hispanic, and 3.2% considered themselves some other group.” According to the U.S. Census Bureau ‘whites’ will … Continued


Original Meaning of Democracy: Occupy Capacities

The fundamental problem with our democracy is not that it is polluted or corrupted by ‘money’ and ‘corporate’ interest. From concept to the concrete realities that have subordinated the well-fare of the majority (99%) to the bottom line of corporations, our democracy has been functioning according to its original design. Our democracy was designed to promote, protect and preserve the interest of private property, especially as this multifaceted task pertains to 1% appropriating the social production of wealth. The point here is that there is no ‘fix’ to our current … Continued


Winter Warnings: ‘Occupy’ Staying Alive

Local authorities have varying degrees of leeway to require ‘citizens’ to vacate ‘public’ spaces in the name of ‘health and safety’. For example, when the temperature drops below a certain level ‘homeless’ persons in some cities are not given a choice when it comes to placement in shelters. The survival of the movement during the winter months can learn a lot from the survival skills that homeless persons have developed over years of staying alive “outside”. In places like New York City, homeless children ‘occupy’ the rooftop of buildings and … Continued


List 23 Occupy URLs

Suggested Partner Links: 23 Occupy URLs   This proposal does not dictate how the ‘The People’s Act’ and ‘Amendment XXVIII’ should read but rather suggests how the demands and the concerns of protesters can be written and passed into law.   “We The People” initiative:   … Continued


“We The People” Initiative

‘We the People of the United States of America’ – in order to form a more perfect union. . . We The People Initiative – Initiative to form a consensus of our collective interests that distils the aims and specific demands of ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests into two pieces of legislation designed for submission to the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate for two separate up-or-down votes. ‘The People’s Act’ Legislative Item #1 – a piece of legislation comprised of comprehensive social-economic reforms of the political process, with an … Continued