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Send Get Well email to Scott Olsen –

Whew… after spending all day Wednesday at OO taking and uploading pictures… we now have over 1000 people holding the “Get Well Soon, Scott” sign. Please link to it or Facebook like/twitter/tumblr the url You can email pictures, videos or just plain old text greetings to Scott at Thanks!   3900


GA must vote to disavow and eliminate violence/vandalism

All the hard work.  All the positive goodwill generated by yesterday’s peaceful action. All effectively erased from the public discussion due to the action of a handful of people lighting fires and vandalizing.  WTF!  This plays into the hands of the right wing fringe. I dont know what can be done since we are an inclusive movement.  But, at minimum, GA must vote to issue a statement disavowing the violence. No disrespect to our Anarchist friends, but we need to continue to build our base across the world, not let … Continued


Email Get Well messages to Scott Olsen at There are already 500+ pictures of people holding “Get Well Soon, Scott” signs  .   Add your get well wishes today. Simply email your get well message to .  You can attach pictures, videos, etc and they will automatically be posted. Scott and his roommate Keith will be taking over ownership and operation of the site once they feel up to it. I will be back at OO on Wednesday Nov 2nd to take more pictures of people and uploading them. We are keeping the site relatively politics-free. … Continued