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External Links – 6/3 to 6/17

Voices of Occupy Oakland LIVELY PROTEST IN OAKLAND AGAINST PIG CONFERENCE Melvin arrested 6-13 – youtube In the press Judge Takes Oakland Police One Step Closer to Federal Control – Colorlines Oakland budgets $750,000 to outsource Occupy complaints – Oakland Tribune Occupy: the Ad Campaign – East Bay Express Occupy Oakland protest targets council member – Oakland Tribune Occupy activists heckle judge in elder-theft case – SFGate Police assign officer to Occupy Oakland investigations – Oakland Tribune Release of Frazier report Report: Aggressive Police Response to Occupy Oakland Was “Flawed” … Continued


Support Kali! Come to his sentencing! 6/20

This is our last chance to support Kali before he is sent to a state prison for Occupying! On June 20, meet at 19th & Telegraph 7:30 am for the bus to Hayward, WEAR RED! Kali was originally arrested December 16th on minor misdemeanor charges, but because of a probation violation hold he was incarcerated for 4 days before any charges were formally filed. While most people would have been released from jail and asked to appear for a future court date given the minor nature of the misdemeanor charges, … Continued


FTP: Montreal March Part 2–Bring a Pan! 7/9p 6/2/12

We’ve all seen the images of the hundreds of thousands of people in the streets of Quebec. Our comrades up north are really turning up the volume and standing up for the world they want! Come out Saturday night in solidarity for a second night of “casserole”-style marching, which means…bring your pots and pans! This is gonna be the LOUDEST FTP march EVER! Bring red squares of cloth too. 19th & Telegraph, Rally at 7, march at 9. And as usual, TAC asks for the following: SHIELDS: If you have the capability … Continued



WE MARCH AGAIN! June 1, 2012 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm @ 19th & Telegraph Over the last few months, we have been enheartened by the revolt taking shape in the streets of Montreal. The students of Quebec have taken a struggle against tuition hikes and mobilized hundreds of thousands against austerity and state repression. What began as a one-week university student strike has precipitated into an anti-capitalist revolt against universities, banks and police in what many are calling a general and indefinite social strike. In the face of intense … Continued


External Links – Week of June 28th

Voices of Occupy Oakland Occupy Oakland Post-May Day: Strengths, Limits, and Futures. A short video celebrating Oakland’s march in solidarity with the revolt in Montreal In the press Judge wants new investigation into OPD – Oakland Tribune Stockton Action:   A 32531


Stockton General Strike! 5/31/12

May Day! May Day! Shut down Stockton! Come out May 31 to Stockton, California and help shut down the town to protest racist police murders, criminally greedy banks and a corrupt and incompetent city government! Justice for James Rivera! Justice for Luther Brown Justice for the People of Stockton! 1-130pm– Meet-up/drop off point-Eden Park (El Dorado St) 2-3pm– Rally @ MLK park (El Dorado & Fremont) 3-5pm– Bank Shutdown Parties and Justice for the Families march through Downtown Stockton 5-8pm– “the Right–to-Assemble” Street Dance Party All-day BBQ and Services @ … Continued