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A Circular Firing Squad

Over the last couple weeks, the Occupy movement, which had promised to give voice to those who were bleeding in the streets, very nearly succumbed to self-inflicted wounds. While the movement will may continue, in regional and minor ways, for months, if not years, it no longer promises to alter the country’s direction as it did in October, or as the tea party has continued to do for conservatives. For a month, the only national stories about the Occupy movement have involved their evictions from parks and numerous examples of … Continued


10th Street Duplex

Government mortgage giant Fannie Mae owns the duplex on 10th street. Organizers with Causa Justa :: Just Cause, the primary movers behind taking it over, said they selected it to highlight how Fannie Mae leaves its vast stock of foreclosed inventory vacant, contributing to neighborhood blight. Indeed, the property had sat vacant for several months while it was offered for sale. A local couple are in contract to buy it, however, and escrow was set to close this week. “We invested our savings to purchase this property so the earnings … Continued


Really? C’mon … really?

  Was this incoherent rant written by an eigth grader? If bullshit were music, then this would be a brass band. Exagerations within assumptions wrapped up in a platitude. 10775


Is Occupy Oakland Hella Powerless?

Does this poster look like a political suicide note to anyone else? To me it looks like Occupy wants to plunge the West Coast in darkness. Not to sound like a feminazi, but … … on a power cord, the “male end” connects the load, the device that consumes power, to the supply. When you cut the cord, the load receives no more power. The generator still works just fine, only the load suffers. Someone must see this design as a prediction. Does it foretell the intention of the true … Continued


Kochupy My iPhone

Rumpelstiltskin’s got nothing on the Koch brothers. At least the imp gave something which no one else could to the poor miller’s daughter before demanding her first-born son! But in today’s America, the Koch brothers — no less creepy than Rumpelstiltskin — will provide a service, charge you higher than most for it, trample the competition offering the same or better service for a lower price, and, yes, even spy on you.   And their net is spreading ever wider, with no end in sight, it seems. How can any business deal be kept from you … Continued