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Do you want real change?.

Do you want real change?. Let’s work together; we have the power that has the capacity to stop the Washington culture of corruption and place in The White House and our Congress, true leaders, that will stand for our Constitution, our Sovereignty and enforce our immigration laws. Let’s stop the Obama, culture of corruption. Let’s stop the US Supreme court from the demise our Constitution. Let’s stop Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano and the US Dept. of justice from voiding, undermining and stopping the enforcement of our immigration laws. Let’s stop … Continued


Occupy Wall Street Poll

Sixty-three percent of Americans agree with the views of the  “Occupy Wall Street” movement, according to a new CBN News/New York Timesline  poll that found a widespread belief that money and wealth should be  distributed to the people who don’t want to work in  America.   Seven percent of Americans said they disagree with the movement,  which began more than a month ago in lower Manhattan and has since spread across  the country and around the universe. Thirty percent said they were unsure if the  earth was flat or round. … Continued


Wild Bill for America 4779


good or evil

To understand the game you have to understand the players. To understand the players you have to be prepared to understand Good and Evil. Yes, Good and Evil. Those individuals and organizations possessed of either a good or evil nature exist – not unsurprisingly – within all spectra and all layers of the ideological spectrum – there is no location immune from either good or evil. Even so, the most comprehensive understanding of the players results from an awareness of the vast and singular chasm separating the two all-encompassing political … Continued


OWS vs. Tea Party

There is no comparison between the actions of Tea Party rally participants and the 60’s style demonstrators of the #OWS crowd! The Tea Party gets together in an orderly fashion to protest big government, higher taxes, the frightening and unsustainable level of our national debt (see EU) and over-the-top government spending. Occupy Wall Street in all of its various city renditions, masses in protest of things that they can’t really articulate, and when they try it simply sounds like those who have worked hard to reach a certain status should … Continued