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New Events Committee Meeting times!

The Events Committee of Occupy Oakland will now be meeting only twice a week, with additional meetings added if the need arises for specific actions and other needs. The meetings will continue to take place at the Brown Couch Cafe, on the corner of 14th and Webster, 2 blocks away from Oscar Grant Plaza. The new meeting times are Tuesdays at 4:30 pm, and Thursdays at 4pm. Stay updated by attending GA’s; when there are actions on these days, the meetings will be moved. Come on by and be a … Continued


Outreach Day – Saturday, January 21, 2012

This Saturday will be a big outreach day for the Move-in Assembly to spread the word about the upcoming building occupation! Meet at Oscar Grant Plaza at noon, and from there we will split into teams to try and cover the entire city of Oakland with flyers and posters for January 28th! Flyers and posters will be provided, assuming you haven’t passed all of yours out already. 🙂 16267


Occupy Patriarchy!

Feminist/queer block event on Jan 8, noon to 5, at 19th and Telegraph. Occupy Oakland’s feminist/queer block is organizing to occupy/decolonize a building and establish a collective space in Oakland (at a location that remains undisclosed). On January 8th we will kick off with an event at 19th and Telegraph, noon to 5pm. Presentations, discussions, and a direct action are being planned. The first two points of unity for the  group are: 1. This capitalist society is based on a racist, white supremacist, patriarchal order. Our organizing must confront and … Continued


Events Committee and Occupy Oakland Bridge Caucus Present: Conversations on Non-violence and Resistance

A weekend of presentations and discussions on non-violent movements and diversity of tactics Saturday December 10th (Please attend the Indigenous Solidarity Teach-In from 3-5pm right before this event!) 5-6pm Former Black Panther discusses the Civil Rights Movement and black liberation. 6-7pm Workshop on non-violence and diversity of tactics 7-8pm ”Gandhi and the Politics of Nonviolence” a lecture by UT Austin professor Snehal Shingavi, filmed at Occupy Austin Sunday December 11th 6-7pm Strikes, Occupations, Rebellions- Historical uses of diversity of tactics within struggles in the U.S. and beyond 7-8pm “Black Bloc … Continued


Occupy Oakland Community Discussion Forum

Gentrification. Police. White supremacy. Heteronormativity. Islamaphobia. Diversity of tactics. Non violence. These topics, like so many others, bring up a vast array of different emotions and thoughts for different people. This Thursday evening at 5, the events committee is hosting what will hopefully be the first of many Community Discussion Forums. This idea was brought forth after many conversations with many people who all said the same thing: Before we can make decisions together, we need to understand each other. The people in attendance will vote on a topic, and … Continued


Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering Broadcast

WHAT: Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering Broadcast WHERE: Oscar Grant Plaza WHEN: Thursday, November 25, 6:00 AM Tomorrow morning, as an act of unity with the Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering on Alcatraz Island, Occupy Oakland will be broadcasting the Sunrise Ceremony at Oscar Grant Plaza. We will be assembling a community altar space beginning in the early morning and continuing throughout the day. All are invited to bring sacred objects to share. In particular, we’re requesting sage, copal, objects symbolizing the 4 directions, images of indigenous resistance, and images of indigenous … Continued


Change of meeting time and location, again! Please take note.

Monday: Brown Couch Cafe, 4:30 to 6:00  Tuesday: Brown Couch Cafe, 1:00 to 2:30   Wednesday: Brown Couch Cafe,  1:00 to 2:30  Thursday: Brown Couch Cafe, 1:00 to 2:30   Friday: Brown Couch Cafe, 4:30 to 6:00  Saturday: No meetings until otherwise announced  Sunday: Brown Couch Cafe, 1:00 to 2:30   Brown Couch Cafe is located on 14th Street above Webster. Please email with any questions! 6703


Events Meetings Have Moved

The Events Committee Meetings are now at Brown Couch Cafe on 14th and Webster. Rising Loafer (our previous location) has been wonderful and generous, but we need a space with WiFi. We encourage all those interested in working with this committee to come by! Every day, still at 1:00 pm. 6363


We Need Graphic Designers!!!

If you can make posters, we need your help! From beginners to Adobe experts, we’re trying to build a solid list of people we can call at relatively short notice to make flyers (to be printed and/or just used online) for all of our amazing events. Email us with you contact information if you’re interested.  Please and thanks! 6341


Process For Submitting An Event – PLEASE READ

As the events committee, its not our intention or desire to filter who does or does not get to perform or speak or teach at #Occupy Oakland. Our goal is to coordinate a daily program of events that is balanced (read: sometimes political, sometimes entertaining, ideally both) and organized (read: mindful of the fact that we only have one stage and one sound system). For this reason, we ask that all event proposals are submitted at least one week in advance. If you do not submit your event one week … Continued