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InfoDay CryptoParty – Protect Yourself Online WORKSHOP & PANEL

. @ the Bay Area Public School and SUDO Room 2141 Broadway (Enter on 22nd) OAKLAND, just 2 blocks from 19th St. BART!on SATURDAY 8/31!! The Summer School 2013 day on: INFORMATION 12-3pm: CRYPTOPARTY! Bring & secure your laptop/phone in a hands-on session! Yes!! Also, from 12-1pm: Free wonderful YOGA for those who don’t need to cryptoparty, by the wonderful Lisa Light! 3-6pm: LIGHTNING TALKS, WALKABOUT, and DISCUSSION: 3pm Introduction / Emerging Technologies of Oppression and Liberation by David Keenan (Bay Area Public School) 3:15 “Understanding ‘Big Data’” by Andrew … Continued


Oakland City, Council Members, etc Info

PAGE UPDATED: February 19, 2015 The Squeaky Page All for a better world!. . This squeaky page contains: 1- Oakland City Hall address, phones, and directions 2- Oakland City Council Members email addresses 3- Council District Locator 4- Where to fill out a Speaker Card 5- Useful Tags (for Tweets, etc) 6- Oakland Representatives . .  1 Oakland City Hall address, phones, and directions   Oakland City Hall Contact the Office of the Mayor 1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza 3rd Floor Oakland, CA 94612 phone: (510) 238-3141 fax: (510) … Continued



Rides available by bus and carpool. Contact or 510-444-0484 . Caravans will leave from MacArthur BART in Oakland at 9:00 AM and Chuco’s Justice Center in Inglewood at 9:00AM. We will gather at Cesar Chavez Park in Corcoran (1500 Oregon) at 2PM and then march to Corcoran State Prison where our demands will be heard! . . SUPPORT THE STRIKE! . Stand in solidarity with the hunger strike and other job actions being called for July 8th! Support Pelican Bay and other SHU Prisoners’ Five Core Demands: . 1- … Continued


Overnight Campout @ OGP in Solidarity with the People of Turkey & Brazil Against State Repression Photos/Videos 2013/06/22

2013/06/22 Autonomous Overnight Campout @ OGP in Solidarity with the People of Turkey & Brazil Against State Repression – PHOTOS/VIDEOS -|- Itır Kaşıkçı, Turkish activist speaking at Occupy Oakland – 2013/06/22   OPD making sure people don’t sleep in tents, but in the cold. – June 22, 2013 Olive, Violinist, at Turkey Brazil Oakland Solidarity Campout – June 22, 2013 -|-   51329


I used to say ‘namaste’ quiet often

I used to say ‘namaste’ quiet often, I was away from Oakland then. I used to say ‘namaste’ quiet often, now I exclude the Police that mistreats me, and my brothers and sisters in Oakland, and everywhere. I used to say ‘namaste’ quiet often, because I interacted with privileged  White folks that live in a fluent neighborhood where most cops kiss their asses. I used to say ‘namaste’ quiet often, but now I am just wish the racist and killer cops stop being cops. I used to say ‘namaste’ quiet often, … Continued


Bratton Group Report May 8, 2013

Oakland Crime Reduction Project Bratton Group Findings and Recommendations May 8, 2013 . The Bratton Group, LCC, in conjunction with the Strategic Policy Partnership, has been working with the Oakland Police Police Department (OPD) on improving its Compstat crime management and command accountability system and on reorganizing its investigative functions to respond more effectively to homicides, shootings, robberies, and burglaries. These reforms are an important component in the larger effort to move the OPD to a Neighborhood Policing Plan, with the city divided into five districts, each commanded by a … Continued