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Protest the Cancellation of KPFA’s Morning Mix


Protest the cancellation of the Morning Mix, a radio show on KPFA during morning drive time, which was hosted by diverse programmers who are based in the local community. It is being replaced with a show, with one radio personality, that will be piped in from Los Angeles. Only some Morning Mix segments have been rescheduled, and at times of the day when most working people are at work and unable to listen, including the labor show Work Week Radio (, and Project Censored ( This removal of the Morning … Continued




When: Sunday, May 25 Noon to 10:00PM Where: Mike’s house: 3413 Belmont Ave., El Cerrito 94530 Contact: Mike’s email:  electionamend [at] Why? The time of year cries out for a backyard party to ring in the outdoor season, and there’s no more benevolent use for carbon as a fuel than a barbecue.  Also, we’ll be saying “Keep in touch” to our great friend Hannah who will be leaving in June for Gomorrah – the City of Angels – with her family. AND we’re anticipating a visit from Occupy Oakland’s … Continued


David Rovics & Eric Drooker Benefit Concert for Tristan Anderson

Download and print the PDF

. David Rovics, Eric Drooker & Tristan Anderson will perform together on Sunday, Feb. 23rd at the Art House in Berkeley, 2905 Shattuck Ave. The event will be a benefit for Justice 4 Tristan.  $5-$20 sliding scale suggested donation Schedule: 5 PM Potluck dinner 6 PM Welcoming 6:15-6:45 Tristan Anderson slide show 6:45-7:15 David Rovics amplified set 7:15-8:00 Eric Drooker Multimedia Performance 8PM-….. David Rovics acoutic set   David Rovics is a great folk singer of songs of social significance. You can download most of his music at his web site … Continued


TAKE ACTION: Oakland Spy Center


Read/Learn/Download/Distribute Download Letter here: TAKE-ACTION_Oakland-Spy-Center – – – – – – – – – Letter Starts Here ———- Dear Neighbors:   I am writing to you about the Oakland Domain Awareness Center – coming up for a vote at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, February 18.   The Oakland Domain Awareness Center (DAC) is a $10.9MM surveillance hub for the Port and City of Oakland. It will integrate data from public and private cameras across the city, license plate readers that track where you go in your car, and other … Continued


The Day We Fight Back! – Feb 11, 2014

The Day We Fight Back Feb 12, 2014

. “DEAR USERS OF THE INTERNET,In January 2012 we defeated the SOPA and PIPA censorship legislation with the largest Internet protest in history. A year ago this month one of that movement’s leaders, Aaron Swartz, tragically passed away.Today we face a different threat, one that undermines the Internet, and the notion that any of us live in a genuinely free society: mass surveillance.If Aaron were alive, he’d be on the front lines, fighting against a world in which governments observe, collect, and analyze our every digital action.Now, on the anniversary … Continued


Stop TPP “It’s NAFTA in Steroids!”


STOP TPP “The corporate and political leaders of the Pacific Rim nations are meeting in cities across America such as Chicago, Dallas, San Diego, and Leesburg to turn the Pacific Ocean and its peoples into a giant privatized corporate lake characterized by non-union workers, Wal-Mart supply chain feeders, poisoned, landless agricultural laborers, a dying biodiversity, and rising, drowning sea levels. We cannot and will not let this happen. These meetings are officially referred to as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Talks.The nations involved are the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Chile, and … Continued


Oakland City Council Meeting – Item 20: Domain Awareness Center Phase II


Oakland City Council Meeting -Item 20: Domain Awareness Center Phase II Unfortunately, but expected, it passed; 6 to 1. – November 19, 2013 – Oakland, California Speaking against the Oakland City Council Meeting. Item 20: Domain Awareness Center (DAC) EFF representative speaking at the Oakland City Council Meeting. Item 20: Domain Awareness Center (DAC) Data Engineer Speaking at the Oakland City Council Meeting: Item 20 DAC Oakland Police and Homeland Security Personal at the Oakland City Council Meeting Item 20: Domain Awareness Center (DAC) . 54076


Stop DAC Spying! Come to City Hall Tue 11/19: Meeting in Progress come and join us (100+)!! LIVE STREAMING:


Please click the link: or twitter images to connect to the meeting live stream. Meeting in progress, 7:40pm status: Meeting in progress, 7:26pm status: Tell City Hall: NO SURVEILLANCE STATE IN OAKLAND! The Department of Homeland Security and Oakland Police are building a massive surveillance center to videotape, track, and log the movements of all Oakland residents and visitors!  The Domain Awareness Center (DAC) as its called, is an unprecedented attack on our civil liberties, giving the police department unlimited access to our whereabouts.  This includes a computer system … Continued