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stockton p.d

Does not the police hold them selves to a higher moral ethnic than the rest of us? Not one of my family members have yet to be formally informed that stockton polece have killed my brother. You would think that there is some type of protocol which includes advising the family that a family member has been killed. I feel as if stockton police are no better than the street punks that they persue. For that simple fact. If they had any type of morals they would have and should … Continued



My brother was just recently killed by stockton p.d. The manner in which he was murdered keeps me waking in the middle of the night sobbing. He was involved in a high speed persuit which involved stockton p.d , highway patrol and the sheriffs office. With all three of these departments in trying to supposedly stop him not one of these trained individuals was able to do so with out putting over a hundred and eighty bullets in the vehicle he was driving. I cannot understand it nor fathom why … Continued