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Seeking Witnesses from the Battle Of Oak Street (Move-In Day) – 3/29/12

Were you in the area of 12th and Oak Streets on January 28, 2012? If so, please read this: Mario Casillas was demonstrating on Move-In Day when he was beaten by the police and arrested. He is now facing two felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon – his bicycle – on a police officer. The police claim that their portable video recorders “malfunctioned” during the arrest. Unfortunately, nobody from Occupy seems to have video either, so Mario needs to find witnesses to what the police did to him. … Continued


POSTPONED: Release Party for Truth & Momo – 19th & Telegraph – Moved to Friday, April 6, 2012 – 7:00 PM

Truth is still in jail, so this release party has been postponed until he is free. On November 3rd, 2011, Truth was beaten by police and charged with multiple felonies on his way back to his tent after the General Strike. An occupier from day one, Truth had a probation hold from 2008 that allowed the police to keep him in jail for five months despite the dropping of his November 3rd charges. On March 28th, 2012, he will have a probation hearing. His NLG lawyer believes that he will … Continued


Writing Letters to Eric “The Nazi Slayer” DeSouza

Eric was arrested in Sacramento protesting the South Africa Project with a group of Oakland occupiers on February 27th. After being nearly run down by mounted police and being unable to secure adequate counsel, he felt his only option was to plead to a felony charge. His projected release date is June 10th, 2012. Please write to him at: DESOUZA, ERIC X-4779436 48N2205 Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center 12500 Bruceville Road Elk Grove, CA 95757 You can also send him an email by searching for him on the Sacramento County inmate … Continued


Visitation and Letter Writing for Cincinatti

The preliminary hearing is over, the five-person defense team has eviscerated the testimony of the complaining witness and the judge hasn’t noticed. Nneka, Teardrop and Cincinatti will go to trial on felony charges on April 3rd. Nneka and Teardrop have been bailed out, but Cincinnati is stuck at Glenn Dyer. Until a jury finds the Ice Cream Three innocent, Cincinatti will need our visits and letters to keep his sanity. WRITE TO CINCINATTI Michael Davis PFN# BIX437 Glenn Dyer Jail 550 6th Street Oakland, CA 94607 VISIT CINCINATTI [As of … Continued


Court Support Calendar 3/19-3/23: UPDATED

3/19: Last day of preliminary hearing for Ice Cream/Wells Fargo 3 in Dept 109, 9am, Wiley Manuel UPDATE: preliminary hearing continued until 3/20 at 1:30pm. Dept 109. 3/21: 2 people going to pretrial in dept 104 at 9am, Wiley Manuel 3/22: 3 folks also going to pretrial in dept 104 at 9am, Wiley Manuel 3/23: Jesus in dept 10 at Rene Davidson 9am for pitchess motion 1 person going to jury trial in dept 111 at 9am, Wiley Manuel 24086


Police end the year cracking down on Occupy Oakland; we start the year saying, “oh hell no!”

ATTENTION SUPPORTERS OF OCCUPY OAKLAND! In the last week, the city has dramatically increased its repression of the Occupy Oakland movement by orchestrating repeated raids and arrests. Two days ago OPD raided a new encampment in West Oakland and an occupied house at 10th and Mandela, where members of Occupy Oakland were in the process of establishing a community center and shared living space. In those two raids over fifteen people were arrested. OPD has also been targeting the ongoing vigil and tree sit at Oscar Grant Plaza for the … Continued


FREE KHALI!!! : An urgent message from OO’s Anti-Repression Committee

FREE KHALI !!! Occupy Oakland is facing increasingly brutal targeting by Oakland Police Department and City Hall. This has ranged from issuing citations for having “structures” like umbrellas in Oscar Grant Plaza or parking tickets to community members dropping off food and supplies, to daily forms of police harassment and raids on Occupy Oakland. Last Friday December 16, OPD conducted a raid targeting Occupy Oakland during which they confiscated all of the personal belongings of the Occupiers maintaining our vigil at Oscar Grant Plaza. In the course of forcibly taking … Continued


Bail Policy of Occupy Oakland

The Bail Policy for Occupy Oakland as approved by the GA What to do If you are arrested or know someone who has been arrested : Call the NLG hotline – 415-285-1011 – the NLG will ask for the name of the person arrested and other information regarding the incidentThe NLG will track your case and help you legally. If you are not cited and released and need to be bailed out the  NLG and the  Anti Repression Committee will track your case. Bail will only be posted after the … Continued


Support those arrested at Occupy Oakland

SUPPORT PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN ARRESTED AT OCCUPY OAKLAND Supporting arrestees is the responsibility of everyone in the Occupy movement. This helps those that are arrested or who are willing to risk arrest know that they are apart of a community and will have the movements support. Here are some ways to support: * Keep your ears open for legal updates and  upcoming  court dates and if possible come court solidarity during arraignments. * If  you know people have been busted by the police be ready to show up to … Continued


Welcome To the Anti Repression Committee

Hello – our committee works with occupy legal to coordinate jail and medical support. Some things we take care of are – getting people out of jail ie. BAIL, packing the courtroom when people are being arraigned, and general solidarity and support work for those who have been brutalized by the police at Occupy Oakland. SUPPORT THOSE ARRESTED!!!! Here are some ways how: We need to pack the courtrooms during any and every court proceedings (unless our legal teams advise us otherwise). We want all those who have court dates … Continued