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open teamspeak server for occupiers

Occupy Michigan has a teamspeak server setup for all occupations to use at there leisure. the server address is and there is no password. teamspeak allows for real time voice and text chat as well as file sharing and all sorts of nifty things. we even have our own occupy oakland room. if you have any questions feel free to ask me. teamspeak can be downloaded for free here just thought this would be a great resource for discussion and coordination with other occupations as well as oakland. … Continued


November 19 March Video’s and Photo’s 7068


Secrecy in the Occupation

No more secrets. It is my opinion that this movement by it’s very nature precludes secrecy. To introduce secrecy to this movement will open a gigantic door for subversion. We have nothing to hide not to mention it is also my opinion that it is quite foolish to think we have any prayer of hiding anything from those that would seek to undermine this movement. Among the many things we have been ingrained with by society is a profound sense of paranoia, that everyone and everything is out to get … Continued


Occupy Cal as of 6 am Nov 16 Video

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