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The Oakland Domain Awareness Center (DAC) is a $10.9MM surveillance hub for the Port and City of Oakland. It will integrate data from public and private cameras across the city, license plate readers that track where you go in your car, and other sensors into a mass surveillance system. Plans for the DAC include facial recognition and cameras aimed at our schoolchildren in Oakland public schools. Our data will be shared with fusion centers, law enforcement, and other government agencies and their private partners.

Regular meeting and our get-together begin at 6;30 PM.
What is the DAC?

Learn all about the Domain Awareness Center on the OaklandWiki page.

Who pays?

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is funding the Domain Awareness Center’s initial  infrastructure. However, maintenance, upgrades, and 24/7 staffing of the surveillance center will all be billed to the taxpayers of Oakland. Read The Hidden Costs of Oakland’s Surveillance Center.

DHS Domestic Surveillance Agency

Homeland Security grants are creating a new Domestic Surveillance Agency through funding their network of state & local fusion centers. We must stop this domestic surveillance aimed at the people of Oakland.

Surveillance does not reduce crime.

Many people might think surveillance will reduce crime, however studies show that video surveillance has little to no positive impact on crime. ACLU White Paper Surveillance Cameras.

What can you do?

Why we must act

Please watch this video from the January 28 meeting of the City Council. Our neighbor Eddan Katz speaks about the Dutch Resistance during World War II, who came together to destroy files with information on people’s religious affiliations.

“I resolved then that I would never forgive myself if I sat silently as a bystander while something like that place were being built around where I lived during my lifetime.”


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