Now We Know How to Get Away With Murder.

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Kelly Thomas photo kelly-thomas-beaten_zpsa77ff111.jpg

Kelly Thomas, a homeless man with a history of schizophrenia died at the hands, fists and tasers of Fullerton, CA police officers in July of 2011.

On January 13th, 2014, two of those officers were found “not guilty” of murder, “not guilty” of manslaughter, and “not guilty” of excessive force.

Of course they were guilty. They beat a mentally ill man for an extended period of time and left him bruised, battered and unconscious. According to the coroner he died of the wounds he sustained at the hands of these officers. They may not have been guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in the eyes of Orange County jurors, but guilty they are in the minds of millions who are enraged by this verdict.

Kelly Thomas was robbed of his life in 2011 by police, his last words crying out for his father to help him, just as Alan Blueford died in 2012 on 92nd St. in East Oakland crying out “I didn’t do anything.”

Now we know how to get away with murder. It doesn’t have anything to do with committing a perfect crime. You get a badge.


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