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Stop the Oakland Joint Domain Awareness Center!


To those who think a city government Total Information Awareness system over all Oakland city residents and visitors is inappropriate, we have three requests:

(1) email or call your city councilmember today to ask them to vote no on the JDAC, or at least vote to delay it pending further study;
(2) show up Tuesday 7/30/13 5:30 pm to the City Council meeting to express your views and sign up to speak on Item 35 or the JDAC; and
(3) join us for our next organizing meeting to stop the Oakland JDAC, details to be posted on the Occupy Oakland calendar.

The Domain Awareness Center was designed for Oakland Port security but is now proposed for the whole city, hence Joint Domain Awareness Center. Here is background information and an ACLU of Northern California response:

A useful template for your email letter (or phone call):
See also, Facebook Event for July 30 Oakland City Council Meeting:
If need be you can find out who your district representative is on the page.


Here are the city council members’ email addresses:

Dan Kalb District 1 –
Pat Kernighan District 2 –
Lynette Gibson McElhany District 3 –
Libby Schaaf District 4 –
Noel Gallo District 5 –
Desley Brooks District 6 –
Larry Reid District 7 –
Rebecca Kaplan At-Large –

The phone number for Oakland City Council reception is: (510) 283-3226

Going forward to keep informed about this fight:


If you are attending the Tuesday council meeting we urge you also to sign up to speak on the tools of violence proposal, item 36 on the agenda.

Lastly, all Oakland visitors potentially affected by, and who object to, the surveillance system: please contact the office of Mayor Jean Quan:



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