The Assault on Patriarchy Continues

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At the GA on Sunday, 1/27, approximately 90% of those in attendance
expressed an interest in continuing a discussion on the harmful practices
of patriarchy at the GA next Sunday, 2/3.  I take this to mean that we
don’t want these problems to be neglected any longer.  Several agenda items
have been suggested for this work, and we hope others will critique this
list and contribute items of their own.  Here are some agenda offerings:

- Should we discuss specific incidents of patriarchal disrespect and abuse
that have occurred within Occupy Oakland?

- Should we develop techniques for reacting in constructive and empathic
ways to the anger bursting out of the victims of patriarchy?  (To me, this
means not getting defensive or angry in response, understanding that the
frustration of victims is appropriate, and taking whatever time is needed
for real understanding to develop. (Is there a better word to use than
“victim”?  It sounds kind of patriarchal to me.)

- Should we use a dialectical method to define patriarchy, rather than
simply accept definitions created by outside groups and academics?  (I feel
that by trying to find our own way in this we will create routes to
understanding that will become familiar to us, easier to remember and
paraphrase, and less dogmatic.)

- Should we work on a proposal that Occupy Oakland resolve to institute a
program of anti-patriarchy?

2 Responses to “The Assault on Patriarchy Continues”

  1. Anonymous

    As in at GA a shooting happen and they just keep the convo on patriarchy , if you want discuss this plz keep it away, we won’t make a mass movement with all men haters, people are getting beat up by police killed, and this the best you can come up with, This is a outside agenda .

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t support this at all, At the GA somebody could had got killed while y’all talk about this white people bullshit, Plz don’t bring this dum shit to Oakland. It’s so much other stuff going on.