Occupy Sandy: Direct aid from Occupiers fills void left by FEMA & Red Cross

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Working with churches in working class neighborhoods like Far Rockaway, Queens Occupiers are delivering vital support for people displaced by Hurricane Sandy who are not being helped by the NGOs & not getting enough help from the government agencies charged with that role. As many as 1,500 volunteers are showing up in a single day at just one church, delivering 15,000 meals. In less than a week Occupy Sandy has raised more than $348,000 dollars to directly aid people in need. Although individuals should not be forced to take this upon themselves, it is pretty inspirational, and has really raised the bar for us on the West Coast.

Here is a radio report from As It Happens: Occupy Sandy

Contribute at: https://www.wepay.com/donations/occupy-sandy-cleanup-volunteers

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See the Greenpeace solar-powered truck:


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