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It came to my attention the other day that though I am passionate about the GMO issue and talk about it often, I may have been lacking in educating the people who mean the most to me. GMO is genetically modified organism, which as far as food goes is predominantly produced my Monsanto. For those too young to know Monsanto started at the beginning of the 1900s as a chemistry company that brought us such wonderful things as now banned and toxic additives to plastics and agent orange. When money started to dwindle with bans on many of their products in the 80s the company switched to agriculture. It is important to note that one of their still leading products is roundup.

Now as far as GMO food is concerned there are two main types. The first is roundup ready crops which can resist the effects of being sprayed with roundup. Roundup works by binding to the minerals in the soil and thereby starving the plant. This still happens with roundup ready crops they are just modified to survive on less. This means even if there were no inherent danger in roundup covered food, we can be malnourished because the food we eat is. The human body tries to maintain certain levels of minerals in the body….if we don’t get it our bodies will tell us to eat more (obesity epidemic anyone).

The second type of crop is pesticide producing crops. These plants make their own pesticide so they don’t have to be sprayed. This means no amount of washing will get it off. The pesticide kills the bugs by creating holes in their digestive system and they die from toxic exposure. In the last 20 years the amount of gastrointestinal disorders has been rising. So have allergies. If you have bigger gaps in your digestive system there is a greater chance that particulates that have not broken down all the way as they should can get into the bloodstream.

Many of these foods cause cancer, as does the roundup they are sprayed with. Worse, recently a new organism has been discovered that is new to science and is connected to these roundup ready and treated crops. This organism creates fertility issues, it might not come as a surprise that most of my non-natural friends take it as a matter of course that they have to go through 2-3 miscarriages before a successful pregnancy, which is not normal! In Africa there were farmer workers who ate GMO crops everyday straight from the plant. Until they removed them it became a matter of course that if you saw someone whose eyes would not track (one eye went one way and another eye went the other) they would be dead in 24-48 hours. Now most African countries with starving people refuse GMO products because they view them as a greater risk then starving! Those that will still take GMO foods require they be milled so there is no risk of contaminating their crops.

So how did this happen. Before GMO became an issue the FDA concluded there was no real difference. When there is a new GMO food they leave it up to the company who makes it to do the studies (so they can lie) and then remind them it is their companies obligation to make sure this stuff is safe. Many people wonder why studies do not show they are no safe but the fact is studies have….those that can be done…usually people lose their jobs at best for going up against Monsanto.

As for this ridiculous statement I heard recently about labeling GMO foods hurting farmers…. Monsanto has patents on the GMO food and requires farmers to buy new seeds every year, under contract that they will not save any. Farmers who do not use Monsanto seeds are attacked. Monsanto sends people out to check fields to find “their plants” which they usually can find at least one due to cross pollination from bees. Then Monsanto takes these farmers to court, not to win the case because I doubt they could but to keep them in court so long that the court fees and other things run the good farmers under. GMO food is not cheaper, they are given subsidies to provide the nation with more cost effective food, if they were given to organic producers, they would be the cheaper option. It adds to the illusion.

America is one of the sickest developed countries in the world right now and we are also one of the only ones who do not label or do not outright ban genetically modified foods. I took Jared off GMO foods and in the few months over summer he caught up verbally and now has some verbal skills that are ahead of his age. The therapists are stunned, we get to stop doing speech therapy and the only significant change was the GMO food.

I am sending you this email at a god awful hour of the night because you are my family and I love you. If you are eating this stuff you are poisoning yourself. Lack of niacin in your diet can cause mental issues like bipolar to present or be worse….and we eat mineral deprived food. Allergic reactions to food can be caused or made worse if the digestion all system is not working right but we are eating pesticides that create these problems. Third party GMO studies have shown a huge connection with GMO and premature aging and when there are people living to 100 years in other nations comfortably we are getting sick in our 60s. Please, don’t eat this stuff. is a great third party nonprofit that verifies organic foods and labels them if they are GMO free. Please check them out and look into this. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, now I am doing better but I am sick and tired of my family being that way. You have been tricked and lied to and fed dangerous things without your permission….protect yourself please.


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  1. Liandre

    I would include references but I did not write the post. My daughter did. She sent the letter to my family. She knows I sent it, but I told her it was to a discussion group. If you want to verify any of what was said go to You Tube and type in “Genetic Roulette.” I Skyped my daughter and talked to my Grandson, who is autistic and hard to understand. Since he has been off GMO’s all summer his language skills have improved to a year ahead of the other kids and has been taken off therapy. I can understand every word he says. Autism has become a common condition. Three guesses why…

  2. Materialist

    Good article, I didn’t know what the specific issues were surrounding GMOs. Still, references would be a nice touch. What is the hard, non-anecdotal evidence that GMOs cause cancer & reproductive problems? Of course the difficult part is getting someone to finance the studies, Monsanto & its ilk are increasingly financing the universities and of course the regulatory agencies have been captured by their industries.