Solidarity With Milan Foreclosure and Eviction Defenders.

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On Friday, October 26th, 2012, Boots Riley, in Europe on tour, forwarded the following message from a foreclosure and eviction defense group in Milan, Italy, to Occupy Oakland’s Foreclosure Defense Group.

Monday morning in Milan – Italy. In the blocks of San Siro the police and the military police corp Carabinieri carried out an eviction against a family that, as a lot of families in this time of crisis, couldn’t pay a location and so had occupied a house for need. It was a violent eviction: policemen and carabinieri assaulted people of the vicinity that were there to take solidarity and, the same police force, lugged out from the house Maria, that was resisting eviction. That, while in the last days Aler (the company that manages the houses in Lombardia) gave as favour a house to a mafia boss’s daughter, and while Aler and the Municipality leave empty more than 4000 houses in the city.

On Saturday a demonstration will be in San Siro against the evictions and for the right to housing! Our weapon is the solidarity between people and fighting, it’s the awareness that its time to fight for the housing and dignity and rights of all!

keep on fighting united! we need also your help! send us solidarity message.
thanks!! & good fight!

On Sunday, October 28th, the Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group sent the following sttement of solidariy to Milan:

Greetings comrades from across the world,

We in Oakland have learned of your fight against the capitalist system and its foot soldiers, the police. We applaud your commitment to defend Maria and her family from those who would make her homeless in the name of corporate profits. Your fight is our fight, and we offer our own support and encouragement.

Capital’s ownership of our world is a shared fiction. Let’s write our own story.

Coraggio! Non siete soli ((Courage! You are not alone.))

Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group
No one gets put out. Period.


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