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10/13/12 – The Labor Solidarity Committee of Occupy Oakland stands in solidarity with the 20 people beaten and arrested in San Francisco last Saturday. The arrestees were part of an Anti-Colonial/Anti-Capitalist protest, held in conjunction with others along the west coast who were holding actions throughout the Columbus Day weekend at Canadian, US, and Mexican consulates and government buildings to oppose the occupation and destruction of Native/indigenous lands by multinational mining corporations.

Police repression is not unfamiliar to the labor movement. Police have been used violently against us countless times, as strikebreakers in defense of the corporations who control them. We know that the role of the police is to protect the interest of their capitalist bosses, the one percent. This event proved no exception.

The police viciously attacked the marchers less than 10 minutes after the march began from Bradley Manning Plaza in San Francisco. Many people were injured, taking blows to the head and back. One of the arrestees was on crutches, which were taken away from her by the police.

Later, SFPD spokesman Gordon Shyy was quoted in the SF Chronicle talking about a demonstration that took place weeks ago in the Mission against a police shooting, claiming “The same anarchist group was involved in Saturday’s damage.” Not only was this a blatant attempt by the SFPD to try Saturday’s demonstrators in the press for that action, but he was condemning them for an unrelated action — at a different time and place — to which there is no evidence that any of them took part in!

In an obviously vindictive and retaliatory gesture, names and photos of all arrested were released to the press by the police. The SF Chronicle published all of their names and mug shots and referred to them as a gang. As a result, some people have been the subject of physical threats from right-wing Internet stalkers. The main stream media are willing allies in the police effort to try people in the press, before they are even charged, let alone have their day in court.

Drop all charges against the demonstrators!

Free all political prisoners!

End police violence against poor and working people!


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