Help organize for our Anniversary Party

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We need help preparing for our 1 year anniversary party this coming Wednesday (Oct. 10) starting at 5 PM at Snow Park.

Get the word out!  Contact your friends, phone them, email, tweet, Faceplant, whatever… Download the flyer here and print ’em out.  People are going to be distributing all over the place this weekend, the Girl Gang’s Vigilante March  & the Oakland Art Mumur tonight, at the SF ‘Fuck Columbus’ Anti-Colonialist March Saturday, at the Hoodies & Hijab march against the war in Afghanistan Monday,  at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival over the weekend, and wherever good revolutionaries gather. Hand ’em out, pin ’em or paste ’em.

Bring a dish to share Wednesday.

Although we have feelers out searching and we already have some of this, we could always use more:

1. Generator
2. Sound System
3. Commercial Projector &/or screen
4. Tables
5. Picnic Blankets
6. Outdoor Lighting
7. Compostable Cups, Plates, etc.
8. Water
9. Sparklers
10. Trash Bags

Bring it Wednesday or at our last organizing meeting Monday at Snow Park at 6 PM, or contact us.  You can email me at TlazolteotlAkbar AT Gmail dotcom & I’ll pick stuff up and inform the list.

MUSICIANS! Do you know anyone who would like to play? If nothing else, put a few tunes on a mp3 player to share with your comrades. “If I can’t dance….”

We are going to get together Monday at Snow Park at 6PM to finalize details and try to set up whatever AV equipment we manage to rustle up.  Also, folks are going to get together Tuesday evening at a private home to put together some creative projects. Email me or show up Monday for directions.  Among the ideas:

A. ‘Pigyata’ (Not a Quañata?)
B. Quan Games
C. Giant Cake
D. Little floating Tents? (I can fish them out of the lake with my canoe, I’m not entirely useless).

Take it easy, but take it.

Occupy Oakland Birthday Party


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  1. GNUWorldOrder

    Older Announcement for Thursday Oct. 4th meeting:

    Occupy Oakland will be 1 year old Wednesday, October 10th & there will be a feast & celebration starting at 5 PM at Snow Park on Lake Merritt (19th Street & Harrison).

    We need your help to make this a night to remember. Monday we came up with a few ideas, but we are still short on specifics & folks willing to bottom line things.

    There will be food, of course. Bring a dish to share. Ed made some noise about picking up a few cakes and some ice cream. Right now it doesn’t seem like we will have a grill, but there will be tables, chairs & utensils. Remember, too much of a good thing is just enough.

    We are going to have a slide show chronicling us in all our awesomeness. Right now we are considering hanging a sheet from some trees, but a screen would be even better. Anyone have one?
    We will have a generator. We could use a pile of Xmas lights and some extension cables. Maybe a propane lantern or three? Enlighten us, fiat lux.

    Also, how about some live music? Who can we coax to play? FJP? Jabbari? Is the Brass Liberation Orchestra back from Maine? I know its a school night, but still…

    Other suggestions include games. Anyone up for “Pin the Tail on the Quan”? How about a Quañata? Belt it with a stick and get a shower of tear gas cannister, plasticuffs & flash-bangs? This might be a good time to bring out your banners. Also, perhaps a bit of postering? And while I would never personally condone wheat pasting or Chalkupying, well, let’s hear it for diversity of tactics…

    Anywho, come out and give us your ideas, we have 2 planning meetings left:
    6 PM, Thursday, October 4th at 19th & Telegraph
    6 PM, Monday, October 8th at Snow Park