Calling Out – Support Mothers and Children within the Movement

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Calling Out – Support Mothers and Children within the Movement
At a recent Occupy Oakland General Assembly, we brought attention to the fact that there are several homeless mothers with children who’ve been involved in the movement and are currently struggling. As the OO anniversary rolls around, we’re hoping people can step up and support these mothers and their children.

Since currently there is no communal space for them, people can contribute time and resources, assist in organizing, and share this information with others who may have resources to contribute.

Most Immediate need:

  • Safe shelter (Do you know of any vacant shelter, or
  • an affordable apartment for rent?
  • Are you able to put a Mom and her child/ren up for a couple of nights?
  • Do you have other suggestions for housing resources?)

Other needs:

  • Diapers
  • Food
  • Transportation (for donations as well as helping Mom’s get from one safe place to another)
  • Baby Clothes

Over the next month we hope to organize an event to raise awareness about this issue, to ask for donations of goods or funds, and to organize an affinity or working group that can help build a sustainable commune where the needs of those who face the most challenging circumstances will be central.

If any Occupy Oakland Committee is interested in helping in this area and working together, please let us know!

We can be contacted at


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  1. Squeekeedee

    Please join us tomorrow at 1:00pm at 19th and Telegraph if you’re interested in getting involved in this!