Occupy Oakland Presents… Street Party

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Monday September 17th, celebrating the one year anniversary of the Occupy Movement and Growing Resistance Worldwide.

At t 1pm begin gathering at Bradley Manning Plaza (a.k.a, Justin Herman Plaza) – Embarcadero Plaza in San Francisco, CA.


At 5pm Mass Convergence at 555 California, San Francisco, CA.


…. Stay Tuned For October 10th, 2012 — One Year Anniversary of Occupy Oakland!!!

One Year Anniversary


2 Responses to “Occupy Oakland Presents… Street Party”

  1. wiseoldsnail

    ah, decided upon by whom? why is occupy oakland planning a party in san francisco, eh? was this something decided in a general assembly? if not, this poster shouldn’t be posted on this, the only ‘official’ site of occupy oakland (according to some).

  2. Alan Kurtz

    As with next month’s “Take back the Plaza! Mass FTP Action & March #O25,” this event was neither proposed to nor approved by the Occupy Oakland General Assembly. Nor does it emanate—so far as we can tell—from one of #OO’s recognized committees or autonomous action groups. Consensus was not required because nobody voted.

    So in what sense can this be called an “Occupy Oakland Presents” event? And even if it were, why is #OO throwing a street party in SF? There is still an Occupy SF, albeit fractured.