Sacramento Intends to Ban Protesting at City Hall

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July 24th at 3PM Sacramento City Council is having a “Special” meeting.

In an effort to restrict the use of Sacramento City Hall. Today July 24th, Sacramento City Council is going to discuss the proposal of an ordinance to make it impossible for Occupy protesters to assemble there. They are proposing to make it “Non-Public”.

“The proposed ordinance is intended to codify the policies and procedures for the use and regulation of the City Hall facility, a non-public forum. This will support the primary purpose and use of the City Hall as a place to conduct City business as well as support the City’s efforts to PRESERVE THE AESTHETIC APPEAL and protect the City’s capital investment, particularly in light of dwindling financial resources. Sa’ Cumn’e Plaza will be available for events through an event permitting process.”

Preserve the “aesthetic appeal”. That seems about all that Sacramento does, is worry about its Hollywood Mass Appeal.

Starting at 3PM PST. WE URGE all Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street supporters to file complaints through their website, as well as contact the members of City Council via their e-mail addresses on;


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