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I went to GA Sunday at 19th & Telegraph. It was sparsely attended, perhaps 40 folks, maybe a few more if we add the gaggle of Segway tourists. A little later I attended an FTP assembly at Mosswood Park that had about twice as many people.  Perhaps people feel that GA has outlived its usefulness, I think we’ve only had quorum once since May Day (July 15th, and that GA we reduced quorum from 100 to 70). But perhaps the time and location is at least part of the problem. 19th & Telegraph seemed like such a great place during the Winter & early Spring when we were all tired of shivering on the concrete steps of OGP, but this is summer. There is very little shade and even in lovely Oakland it can be pretty oppressive to stand in the direct sun for a couple of hours.  By contrast the FTP assembly was in a redwood-shaded amphitheater at 4 PM.  Even OGP which its corporate-sponsored shade would be pleasanter than 19th & Telegraph this time of year.  I wonder how many people with Stay Away orders are still attending General Assembly? Also, although the Wednesday GA is still on the OO events calendar I gather that it has just been a social get-together for a dozen or so folks, at least since May.

I’m thinking it may not be a bad idea to move to a weekly GA at Mosswood or OGP, maybe a little later in the day during the Summer, perhaps 4 PM, since it isn’t getting dark until 8 PM. That would give folks more time for family activities during the day and still allow them to attend General Assembly.  And perhaps the Wednesday get-together could formally be reclassified as a discussion rather than a GA, maybe a Safer-Spaces meeting. If others think this is a good idea maybe I can cobble together a proposal for GA.

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